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velvet flowers JSK size L
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sweetadiction (+123, -2)
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velvet flowers JSK
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sweetadiction (+123, -2)
(Mexico, Durango, 35057)
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Such a cute jsk. Love the pattern! Quality is as expected for the price, and I look forward to wearing it. Would recommend.
- Ameranerain (Buyer)
Positive (05/14/18) Roses & Cats jsk 05/14/18
Very pretty dress! I love it!
- AshSeragaki (Buyer)
Positive (05/10/18) starry JSK (GLOW IN THE DARK) size L 05/10/18
This is my second purchase from Sweet Addiction and I had another good experience! Communication was clear and prompt, and the item arrived securely packed. Transit time was almost exactly 1 month (commenting on it for reference, I knew to expect it to take about 4 weeks). Would buy from this seller again. Thank you for making such a cute dress!
- azukitan (Buyer)
Positive (05/01/18) Cookie otome jsk in size L 05/01/18
Lovely, thank you!
- Usaku (Buyer)
Positive (05/01/18) Crazy Cat Lady JSK 05/01/18
This jsk is just as described, fits really well and communicating with the seller was easy and pleasant. I've bought from them before and I'll definitely buy from them again!
- Taheta (Buyer)
Positive (04/29/18) Sweet Pirate Adiction Rose JSK in red (price reduced only for a few days) 04/29/18
Another gorgeous dress from Sweet Addiction!! The little details like the glitter on the print and the pearl buttons are just darling <3 Excellent dispatch and shipping time for an international package, and the seller is always friendly. Will certainly buy from them again!!
- dreamydinerdoll (Buyer)
Positive (04/27/18) Marine JSK 04/27/18
Perfect absolutely perfect
- Fluffywolf96 (Buyer)
Positive (04/20/18) unicorns jsk (on hold) 04/20/18
The dress is in a perfect condition, te seller was so kindly, the dispatch time it took a bit. But i'm very happy for the purchase.
- Ayamechan (Buyer)
Positive (04/19/18) Sweet Pirate Adiction Rose JSK in red (price reduced only for a few days) 04/19/18
My first dress got lost in the mail but fortunately I was able to get another dress made. The waiting time was bit lengthy but I finally received the dress. Over all the quality of the dress is great. It's actually a bit lighter than I thought it be based of off it's appearance. Feels like a dress I can wear during the spring and summer. Overall the dress is worth the buy.
- tobitguren (Buyer)
Neutral (04/18/18) Sweet Pirate Addiction Rose JSK in red 04/18/18
It took a bit of time to get to me but I'm delighted by what arrived!
- Pysegundo (Buyer)
Positive (04/17/18) starry JSK (GLOW IN THE DARK) (PRICE REDUCED ONLY FOR A FEW DAYS) 04/17/18
It took a bit of time to get to me but I'm delighted by what arrived! I've been looking for a stripe print for a while and this one will fit!!
- Pysegundo (Buyer)
Positive (04/17/18) Stripe jsk 04/17/18
The dress arrived in good time and looked as described, fits well and with no damage or stains.
- Megan (Buyer)
Positive (04/07/18) starry JSK (GLOW IN THE DARK) (PRICE REDUCED ONLY FOR A FEW DAYS) 04/07/18
absolutely wonderful. Fits perfectly. Great price. So glad I searched outside the US
- sovereignflaw (Buyer)
Positive (03/30/18) starry JSK (GLOW IN THE DARK) size L 03/30/18
Excellent dress! Really good quality
- karma9090 (Buyer)
Positive (03/30/18) starry JSK (GLOW IN THE DARK) (PRICE REDUCED ONLY FOR A FEW DAYS) 03/30/18
The dress was pretty in pictures, but absolutely gorgeous in person! There is so much attention to detail and such lovely fabric choices. The garment also has pleeeeenty of room for plus sizes while still keeping a lovely shape. I love it and will definitely buy from again!
- Nekoluddy (Buyer)
Positive (03/27/18) starry JSK (GLOW IN THE DARK) size L 03/27/18
This petti is so fluffy and beautiful! The fabric has a slight shimmer and is pleanty large enough for plus size girls. I absolutely love it!
- Nekoluddy (Buyer)
Positive (03/27/18) cupcake shape petticoat 03/27/18
Great dress, great communication. Took 4.5 weeks to receive as an FYI for other buyers, which appears to be the average for international mail coming out of Mexico from my research (plus US customs held it for a full week.) Would buy from again!
- EllieFae (Buyer)
Positive (03/26/18) starry JSK (GLOW IN THE DARK) size L 03/26/18
Excellent seller! Mexican postoffice seems a bit wonky, but the pleasant communication with the seller made up for the not quite working post-tracking. Would buy again, Thank you!
- Sirwinni (Buyer)
Positive (03/26/18) Alice and the pirates tartan Vest and shorts set 03/26/18
Item was shipping fast, and the shipping time was as advertised. The JSK was exactly as advertised, even came in the original AP bag.
- Liuin Solas (Buyer)
Positive (03/16/18) Melty cream Doughnut in pink 03/16/18
An excellent quality dress, as always. This is my second time purchasing from this seller, and I've had a positive experience! It's kind of amazing that the dress fits into such a small box. I guess that helps lower the shipping price! lol. The seller is also very responsive to messages, so if you ever have a question, you hear back right away.
- Steel Fairy (Buyer)
Positive (03/14/18) Swan JSK in blue 03/14/18
The dress is very cute. The fabric is very pretty, but the cut is a little awkward. Overall good for the price.
- lolinezumi (Buyer)
Positive (03/13/18) Sweet Swan JSK in blue 03/13/18
The dress looks like in the pictures, even more beautiful, in fact :) The seller even sent me a dress with a longer bodice than normal to account for my height! Dispatch took slightly longer than advertised but the seller would always respond to my messages promptly and was very kind and informative. Shipment from Mexico to American customs took about two and a half weeks but I am in no rush. I am very happy with my purchase and would do business again :)
- foxwaffles (Buyer)
Positive (03/08/18) starry JSK (GLOW IN THE DARK) 03/08/18
This seller is so nice I was worried that I missed the opportunity to buy this beautiful dress and they put a listing up for me as they had more. They are friendly and I recommend them!
- Crazyparrotlady (Buyer)
Positive (03/08/18) Sweet Swan JSK in Pink 03/08/18
Great dress! Wonderful craftsmanship, comfy fabric. Tracking was confusing, but only due to the postal service being weird.
- velvetalchemy (Buyer)
Positive (02/25/18) starry JSK (GLOW IN THE DARK) 02/25/18
- vex (Buyer)
Positive (02/24/18) starry JSK (GLOW IN THE DARK) 02/24/18
Tracking was a bit wonky but otherwise everything was great. Jsk is just like the picture but is slightly tighter in the bust than the Star JSK.
- Demonkawala (Buyer)
Positive (02/23/18) Guipur JSK+free headbow 02/23/18
Tracking was a bit wonky but otherwise everything was great. Dress is just as beautiful in person!
- Demonkawala (Buyer)
Positive (02/23/18) starry JSK (GLOW IN THE DARK) 02/23/18
Item arrived in perfect shape. Boots, sadly, are too small but that is not her fault! Excellent communication and super sweet seller. Would do business with again. đź’•
- Faerynrain (Buyer)
Positive (02/21/18) Rocking horse boots in 25 jp size 02/21/18
Beautiful dress! Shipped quickly and arrived within the estimated time. This is my second time doing business with SweetAddiction and I look forward to doing more.
- auddiemac21 (Buyer)
Positive (02/21/18) Sweet Pirate Adiction Rose JSK in red chifon 02/21/18
Another very pretty dress :-). I've bought from her before and it has been a good transaction both times. Would gladly buy from again!
- meltysquirrel (Buyer)
Positive (02/20/18) Sweetest chocolate party jsk 02/20/18
Dress is very beautiful in the flesh and from my first look over it, it is well made. A little disappointed that the red material is so shiny as it didn't look like that in the photos.
- NotYourLolita (Buyer)
Positive (02/19/18) Mesh JSK in red 02/19/18
This JSK was exactly as described and well made. The shipping from Mexico to the US is always slow, but I knew this and I was given a tracking code to follow. Thanks!
- WyldKyss (Buyer)
Positive (02/19/18) black mesh JSK 02/19/18
i had a really good experience with this seller. his prices are really good for the nice quality of his dresses. the dress is soft and comfortable. the dispatch time was very fast, but unfortunately the actual transit period was about 1.5 months - this is not the seller’s fault, though. he was very helpful throughout the entire transaction. he sent me photos of my package all set to go less than 2 days after i paid for it. he responded to all of my messages regarding updates and such. i will keep an eye out for new designs from this seller, i really love my new dress. thank you :)
- twinklejewelparty (Buyer)
Positive (02/14/18) Starry jsk 02/14/18
I ordered this near the end of December, my dress never showed up.
- MaaMara (Buyer)
Neutral (02/13/18) Baroque Room JSK 02/13/18
I absolutely love this dress. It's such nice quality. Communication was great. Shipping was as expected,even with a requested faster shipping time. It came before my meet and was all in all great. Would definitely buy from again! Thank you so much!
- AnnabelleLee (Buyer)
Positive (02/10/18) Sweet Pirate Adiction Rose JSK in Red chifon 02/10/18
I ordered this item 1/1/18 it just arrived 1/28/18. Seller was responsive to messages. Item seems a bit different from picture, the bodice is much shorter than it appears, so if you are busty it looks a litte weird on. But overall positive experience.
- NekolMart (Buyer)
Positive (01/29/18) starry JSK (GLOW IN THE DARK) 01/29/18
Beautiful dress, great price, well packaged! Can't get over how cute this is, thanks so much!
- sinningfanfiction (Buyer)
Positive (01/27/18) Starry JSK (GLOW IN THE DARK!!!) 01/27/18
The dress arrived in great condition. It did take a while to get here and the seller wasn't able to ship it until a couple of weeks after I purchased it, which is understandable because I purchased it right at Christmas time. Seller answered all of my questions in a reasonably quick manner and was very professional.
- jennieisahufflepuff (Buyer)
Positive (01/18/18) Starry JSK (GLOW IN THE DARK!!!) 01/18/18
A beautiful jsk with great little details! The shoulder straps are shorter than the other jsk I bought from them, but there's still room for adjustment. Overall very happy with this purchase! :)
- dreamydinerdoll (Buyer)
Positive (01/14/18) little donut JSK 01/14/18
This is my new favorite jsk!! Exactly how it looks in the photos, very comfortable, clearly made with care, fits perfectly! The dispatch time was approx 2 months, but that was expected. Thank you so much!!
- dreamydinerdoll (Buyer)
Positive (01/14/18) Cherrys JSK 01/14/18
Took over a month to come, but is very cute.
- Amycat (Buyer)
Positive (01/13/18) Little Donuts JSK 01/13/18
- crybunny (Buyer)
Positive (01/12/18) velvet flowers JSK 01/12/18
[MODERATOR UPDATE: The seller had personal issues going on during this order but the dresses eventually arrived.] I have not only not received this dress, I foolishly ordered a second custom dress at the same time, which I have not received either. The seller only responds to like every 5of my emails as a practically beg for the dresses to be sent, and on those rare occasions that he actually replies he says he didn't have moneyto ship, and uses the money of other people's orders to ship without fulfilling orders. I have been very kind to the seller and extremely patient, but now this is the first negative rating I've ever given someone on any platform. The workis lovely, but you are putting your money at risk doing business with this seller.
- hopilane (Buyer)
Negative (12/22/17) sweetest chocolate tea party JSK in pink 12/22/17
Shirt was in perfect condition and arrived safe. Shipping seemed to be a little slow (actual transit time, not time until seller shipped) but overall was fine, thanks so much!
- Kburcak (Buyer)
Positive (12/15/17) Angelic Pretty Whip Doll Blouse in cream 12/15/17
Shirt was in perfect condition and arrived safe. Shipping seemed to be a little slow (actual transit time, not time until seller shipped) but overall was fine, thanks so much!
- Kburcak (Buyer)
Positive (12/15/17) Angelic Pretty Whip Doll Blouse in pink 12/15/17
Adorable and sturdier than expected
- Camilla's Shadow (Buyer)
Positive (12/05/17) Cookie ghost Halloween necklace (GLOW IN THE DARK!!!) 12/05/17
Great shoes!! Thanks
- Nawlinsnurse (Buyer)
Positive (12/02/17) Angelic pretty boots in brown 12/02/17
Great shoes!
- Nawlinsnurse (Buyer)
Positive (12/02/17) Angelic pretty boots in pink 12/02/17
This FINALLY arrived. And it’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much for your help and communication!
- iciclethecat (Buyer)
Positive (11/30/17) Cookie halloween JSK natural waist 11/30/17
Wow! The dress is so super cute and fits perfectly. The transaction was smooth and simple. I couldn't be happier :-). Would definitely gladly buy from again!
- meltysquirrel (Buyer)
Positive (11/08/17) Cats Library JSK 11/08/17
Great dress that fits very well
- elisiathelolita (Buyer)
Positive (11/03/17) Sweet Addiction Cookie Chifon JSK 11/03/17
cute item! good deal, responsive and helpful seller C: thanks so much! wba
- evangelionunit01 (Buyer)
Positive (10/20/17) angelic pretty tea party shoes LL (25-16 cm) in mint 10/20/17
It took a little while to arrive, but the seller was kind enough to message me when a problem arose, and I appreciate that courtesy. :) I would buy from this seller again.
- Steel Fairy (Buyer)
Positive (10/19/17) Cherry JSK by Sweet Addiction 10/19/17
I love this necklace! Very well made and sturdy. Shipping took a few days shy of a month to arrive from Mexico. I'm very happy to have it though!
- RXQueen (Buyer)
Positive (10/17/17) Cookie ghost Halloween necklace (GLOW IN THE DARK!!!) 10/17/17
Love it! Beautiful JSK. Will buy from again I'm sure
- hopilane (Buyer)
Positive (10/08/17) guipur JSK 10/08/17
yay, i'm so happy to get my apron! very adorable, thanks for selling to me again, i can't wait to wear this thing :)
- glassesgirl2 (Buyer)
Positive (09/22/17) Pink organdy Apron 09/22/17
The dress itself is beautifully made and designed, but the fabric which was described as heavy fabric in a plumb navy is actually more of a dark denim, which looks strange with the chiffon accents. The print is also a lot less vivid than the bright purple in the photos and is much paler. I am not disappointed with the construction or design of the dress at all, but the color and fabric of the dress in person really makes the dress look very casual and it is disappointing. The seller was very communicative until I paid. I purchased, was invoiced and paid all the same day. I sent the seller a message via lacemarket to confirm that I had paid. I did not hear from the seller (prior to purchasing they let me know they ship items out 3-5 days after payment) for 2 weeks so I sent them another message asking if they did not get my message about payment. The next day the seller gave me a tracking number. The package arrived, and was postmarked with the date the seller gave me the tracking number which was 2 weeks after payment was made. I was under the impression my item would be shipped 3-5 days after payment, and I was patient for more than double that amount of time before it was actually shipped. It would have been nice to be given some sort of reason for the delay. The dress was well packaged in a clear plastic bag, in a box and then wrapped in paper. Shipping was fast, but took long to be sent out.
- maridoll (Buyer)
Neutral (09/20/17) starry carrusel al night Otome JSK 09/20/17
Dress came in very nice condition, as expected. Shipping from Mexico to US is always slow, but the seller updated me along the way. :)
- WyldKyss (Buyer)
Positive (09/18/17) Blue polka dots JSK 09/18/17
Package took a loooong time to get here (Bought July 18th, arrived September 14th), but I'm glad to finally have it. The dress is very cute, and the design in general is lovely. I do have one or two comments though, having bought from this store twice. This has primarily to do with length. I find that the dresses are a little on the short side, and I might have to get bottom frills added to both dresses to make up for my petticoats peeking out at the bottom. I also find that the bodices are very short for the size allowable by the shirring - I had to adjust it lower on my chest with the cherry JSK to get the dress to sit right, which I hate doing with Lolita. It's not a huuuge issue, as I plan to wear a blouse underneath anyway, but it's still a little off-putting. The straps could also be a little wider, but that's just a nitpick. I do like that they are adjustable. Overall, this dress is definitely worth the money I paid for it, and I'm going to enjoy wearing it.
- ladyhedoniste (Buyer)
Positive (09/15/17) cherry JSK in aqua blue 09/15/17
The package took a while to arrive (ordered end of July, arrived 13th of September), but that was not the fault of the seller. The dress looks very cute in person. It feels nice and soft, and is lined with a silky material. Very comfortable. Would consider buying from the seller again.
- ladyhedoniste (Buyer)
Positive (09/13/17) Chifon stripe JSK 09/13/17
Arrived safely and was packaged beautifully. Thank you so much!
- Macabrelle (Buyer)
Positive (08/09/17) Sweetie Chiffon Blouse in sax 08/09/17
As described.
- sweetestserenade (Buyer)
Positive (08/06/17) Elegant Tassel Bag 08/06/17
Took a while for the dress to arrive but it was perfect when it got here
- haseokite (Buyer)
Positive (08/03/17) Cherry jsk 08/03/17
Great seller, Item was new and as described
- Shampookie (Buyer)
Positive (08/02/17) Rosette chocolate socks in brown 08/02/17
Seller was very sweet and a pleasure to do business with!
- Cecilia (Buyer)
Positive (07/26/17) Print defect cookie jsk 07/26/17
Lovely and quick transaction, thank you!
- mangaemi (Buyer)
Positive (07/24/17) Sweetest chocolate tea party skirt 07/24/17
LOVE the dress! Communication was a bit sluggish, item was posted on 21st June, and arrived in UK 8th July. I would buy again
- mightymushroom (Buyer)
Positive (07/08/17) Jewel jsk 07/08/17
I really liked working with this seller and i really like the dress, i am very satisfied with this transaction. i wanted to start with that before i go in depth. The dispatch time i felt was a little long after paying, as i did pay right away, and even though they said they shipped 3-5 days after payment, i think it was longer than that before it was shipped. But not a big deal to me. Shipping was definitely fair for international shipping costs, no issues there. The dress itself is beautiful. The shirring has a lot of give, so you pull it on as there is no zipper, but there are quite a few loose threads here and there. But that can be remedied by just snipping them off. The dress is shorter than expected. I tried it on and it was above my knees (i'm 5' 2") so i measured it, and it only comes to around 74 cm long, where as the given length is 90 cm. It doesn't bother me, but i will have to get a shorter petticoat. The straps are adjustable lengths with buttons, which i think is a really nice touch, and the buttons blend in nicely. One thing that doesn't blend in though is the third piece of elastic in the shirring. It is visible, and as it is white on black, kind of noticeable. But still not a deal breaker for me. The dress comes with four detachable bows. I don't think i will end up using the bows because the ends of the bows are rough, so when i inserted one, it was hard to get through the fabric, and then taking it out, it left a small hole with a thread coming out, so to avoid further damaging the dress, i may forgo the ribbons, which is fine because the dress is still beautiful without them. Finally, the dress has a tag saying Sweet Addiction on it, which i think is a very professional touch. Again, i am satisfied with this dress and with the transaction, but i wanted to give a detailed feedback so the seller (as this was handmade) can use it for future reference so they can create even more beautiful and satisfying items in the future. Best wishes!
- anothergoth (Buyer)
Positive (07/07/17) Casual JSK in black 07/07/17
Very friendly and quick communication. Pleasant experience!
- Meridust (Buyer)
Positive (07/03/17) Clasic JSK by sweet addiction price reduced 07/03/17
Beautiful dress with amazing details. Little bit longer on shipping because it came from Mexico but it was packaged nicely! Great communication with the seller!
- corriban (Buyer)
Positive (07/02/17) Clasic JSK by sweet addiction 07/02/17
exactly as described, great little dress and communication. Thanks!
- Shampookie (Buyer)
Positive (06/29/17) Dark blue polka dots JSK 06/29/17
Shoes arrived safely. They go have glitter flecks that were not described but it is okay.
- Kittyk8 (Buyer)
Positive (06/27/17) Cotton candy shoes white 23.5 cm 06/27/17
This is my second time purchasing from this seller and I already knew the timing for the package to get from Mexico to the US would take a while because the US makes packages go through customs in Chicago. Communication was great, if I had a question the seller answered very quickly, no more than a day went by before I received an answer. The package was well sealed with tape to avoid damage/opening and the item was as described. Thank you again for a smooth transaction!
- ChampagneEvan (Buyer)
Positive (06/25/17) Rosette chocolate socks in white 06/25/17
Shipping took about two months because the seller mistakenly put down Australia instead of USA. Other then that the dress is lovely. Quite nicely made. There were a few chalk marks on a seam, but I was able to wipe it off with no issue. Also was packaged quite safely in a box.
- Oldlaceremedy (Buyer)
Positive (06/19/17) Sweet pirate addiction rose JSK 06/19/17
Took about a month for the dress to come here. It's worth the wait
- pastelmoon (Buyer)
Neutral (06/18/17) Sweetest chocolate tea party jsk in mint 06/18/17
Item is in perfect condition. Communication was very good, I can recommend this seller without any hesitation.
- Kaguhana (Buyer)
Positive (06/08/17) Baby diamond socks black 06/08/17
This is an absolutely beautiful dress!! I am blown away by how gorgeous it is in person. And the shipping didn't take nearly as long as I expected, with it coming from mexico. I will definitely buy from them again!
- Deaths_bell (Buyer)
Positive (06/04/17) Sweet pirate addiction rose JSK 06/04/17
Very cute dress at a nice price. Arrived way before I expected. Thanks!
- NekoGoddess (Buyer)
Positive (05/28/17) Crazy Cat Lady JSK, plus size friendly 05/28/17
I love the dress. Item as described and I understood the wait time for packages shipped from overseas.
- vivraine (Buyer)
Positive (05/25/17) Crazy Cat Lady JSK 05/25/17
Very pleasant transaction, item fits perfectly and is well made, I love it <3 Would buy again anytime!
- Kinerai (Buyer)
Positive (05/20/17) Lady bug JSK by sweet addiction 05/20/17
Great and responsive seller. Item arrived when they said it would, exactly as described.
- kittyvalle (Buyer)
Positive (05/15/17) sweet cream house tights in pink 05/15/17
Mint condition!
- shinigami (Buyer)
Positive (05/12/17) cecilia cross necklace and ring in black 05/12/17
Excellent transaction. Dress was as described. Transport was a tad slow but I was in no hurry. So no marks there. Overall very happy with the dress!
- fawna01 (Buyer)
Positive (05/06/17) Shadow Dream Carnival Set JSK+headband+broch 05/06/17
Great seller! Item arrived in time as described and is very good quality.
- Milkybat (Buyer)
Positive (05/04/17) Crazy Cat Lady JSK, plus size friendly 05/04/17
Item just as pictured, beautiful! ♡ Thank you again! ♡♡
- missjediflip (Buyer)
Positive (04/17/17) LOVE Quilted Heart Bag Submitted 04/17/17
Communication was good and the price was also good. The seller took longer than expected to send out the package. It took a few more days than she said she would to be sent out. When I got the dress it looked like the picture, but it had green marks all over the pleating at the waist, on the bust, and on the sheering in the back. I messaged her and she said it was sewing chalk. I was able to clean them off with stain remover and then I hand washed it. I was disappointed about the marks, but she replied immediately and apologized.
- samaof (Buyer)
Neutral (04/15/17) Crazy Cat Lady JSK 04/15/17
dress is very cute in person and is very good quality. had some issues with the tracking number but the seller was quick to respond to any questions i had. took awhile to get here, but that's understandable.
- spacecadetgl0w (Buyer)
Positive (04/12/17) Crazy Cat Lady JSK, plus size friendly 04/12/17
This looks fantastic!
- ribbondream (Buyer)
Positive (04/04/17) Baroque Room special edition JSK 04/04/17
Rly lovely JSK! Thank you :D!
- Aurwen (Buyer)
Positive (03/27/17) Crazy Cat Lady JSK 03/27/17
My boyfriend loves it thank you
- Miricchu (Buyer)
Positive (03/22/17) Miho matsuda vest in full black 03/22/17
Item is amazing, perfect shirring and lining, there are also extra buttons to extend the straps! Shipping understandably took a while from Mexico, 3 weeks of traveling and coming through customs and it was worth the wait. The fit is amazing and it's spacious enough for a cloud petticoat
- ChampagneEvan (Buyer)
Positive (03/22/17) Crazy Cat Lady JSK 03/22/17
This took quite a while to arrive, but it's such a beautiful dress! Extremely well-made and packaged nicely.
- BrittyBlack (Buyer)
Positive (03/18/17) Crazy Cat Lady JSK, plus size friendly 03/18/17
Product was as described, and well packed. Easy communications. Recommended.
- rhardt (Buyer)
Positive (03/16/17) Sweet Pirate addiction Rose JSK 03/16/17
Love, love, love the dress I got! The material is so nice and soft, great craftsmanship! Communication was amazing and the price is great for such a nice dress. Shipping took a while but tends to happen when shipping from another country and going through customs (Mexico to USA)
- fearlesslove723 (Buyer)
Positive (03/16/17) Crazy Cat Lady JSK 03/16/17
Got exactly what I expected it to be! Thank you!
- Arlouxo (Buyer)
Positive (03/12/17) Crazy Cat Lady JSK, plus size friendly 03/12/17
Arrived well-packaged, very beautiful!
- Giddychilde (Buyer)
Positive (03/07/17) Sweet Pirate addiction Rose JSK 03/07/17
Cute JSK- took a little a while to get here but I expected that!
- unicornofohio (Buyer)
Positive (03/05/17) jewel cross JSK --size L-XXL --- by sweet addiction store 03/05/17
Loved the dress will order again.
- Pyrachan (Buyer)
Positive (03/03/17) Lady bug JSK by sweet addiction 03/03/17
Everything looked great! It took awhile to reach me I'm happy with my purchase. I would definitely buy again.
- Pyrachan (Buyer)
Positive (03/03/17) Crazy Cat Lady JSK, plus size friendly 03/03/17
The communication was a bit difficult, thus making the dispatch time last a lot longer than it should have, but the product itself is beautiful. The JSK fits me like a glove and is even prettier than i thought it would be! :)
- Arlouxo (Buyer)
Positive (02/28/17) Lady bug JSK by sweet addiction 02/28/17
The dress is beautiful and was shipped out promptly! The seller was very friendly and communicative. :)
- auddiemac21 (Buyer)
Positive (02/14/17) Lady bug JSK Queen 02/14/17
The dress is beautiful and was shipped out promptly! The seller was very friendly and communicative. :)
- auddiemac21 (Buyer)
Positive (02/14/17) Classy rose jsk in black by sweet addictioni 02/14/17
pretty jsk, darker color than photo but still pretty
- greenpandahbear (Buyer)
Positive (02/03/17) Lady bug JSK by sweet addiction 02/03/17
Lovely Print and great quality! Thank you!
- jellyjordan (Buyer)
Positive (01/30/17) Starry Carruel At night high waist SET jsk+headbow+necklace 01/30/17
This review is a long time in coming. Item came with loose threads, unfinished seams with snags and pulls in the lining, tangled stitches in the fabric, fabric marker still visible on dress cloth. Item took two months to arrive. Item was packaged securely and did not appear damaged from the long transit time - shipping charges were as expected. Long turnaround time on communication from seller. I wanted to love this cute fandom dress and instead have something that will eventually be used for the fabric. I will never purchase from this seller again.
- Kerandria (Buyer)
Negative (01/28/17) Link Stained Glass JSK 01/28/17
SO CUTE! And just as expected ! Thankyou~
- Teresachan93 (Buyer)
Positive (01/25/17) jewel cross JSK --plus size friendly--- by sweet addiction store 01/25/17
Amazing buying experience <3! The seller kindly replied to all my questions and kept me updated throughout this smooth transaction. Thank you so much for the beautiful dress - it's even more beautiful in person <3! I'd definitely buy from this seller again and can warmly recommend them.
- Myrreli (Buyer)
Positive (01/17/17) sweetest chocolate tea party JSK 01/17/17
Great seller, beautiful item! Thank you so much :)
- palevintagebeauty (Buyer)
Positive (12/31/16) Sweet Pirate addiction Rose JSK 12/31/16
This seller was great to work with!!!! The dress and socks are exactly as described. There was a little mishap with the mailing. The items were sent to the wrong address, but the seller was very communicative and fixed the problem right away and I mean right away. So a couple of days after the misdelivery I received my dress and socks. I would totally buy from the seller again, but I think I would invest in using EMS shipping next time just in case something worse happens so that way the both of us wouldn’t be worried and frustrated over it. Thank you so much for all the time you spent fixing this problem!
- Kurofuji.Hime (Buyer)
Positive (12/28/16) Magic Princess Round JSK sax+tights 12/28/16
The dress it more high-waisted in real life and it doesn't have a zipper (it wasn't noted), but it's a gorgeous dress and I'm happy to have it. I really appreciate the bows being removable! ^^ PS. The package it came in (soft box) was really squished and torn in a few places, but the dress inside was not damaged or anything.
- zeloco (Buyer)
Positive (10/29/16) Baroque room JSK in black --pirate and the crown rose x sweet addcition 10/29/16
It took a while to clear customs for some reason (not the sellers fault at all), but it arrive intact and lovely! :) It fits me very well, and I love the print!
- WolfyMask (Buyer)
Positive (10/27/16) Starry Carrusel at night JSK 10/27/16
awesome communication with seller and the dress was beautiful!
- corriban (Buyer)
Positive (10/26/16) Starry Carousel At Night JSK plus size friendly 10/26/16
Very sweet dress, excellent condition. Thank you!
- noxetlux (Buyer)
Positive (08/20/16) Starry Carousel At Night JSK plus size friendly 08/20/16
Arrived quickly and as described! Good communication, would absolutely buy from again! Thank you for this beautiful dress!
- milky_bat (Buyer)
Positive (08/19/16) Baroque Room JSK +headbow (plus size friendly) 08/19/16
Lovely JSK with very nice quality craftsmanship! Great seller communication, and the package arrived more quickly than estimated as well. The only issue is the color of the JSK is more of a bright grass green than a typical mint. I don't mind, because I like unusual colors in Lolita, but you might want to avoid this colorway if you prefer to wear only true pastels.
- cherry_sp (Buyer)
Positive (06/29/16) green sweetest chocolate tea party JSK2 re-release 06/29/16
Wonderful seller, went above and beyond. Really cared about my needs, and always responded to my messages on the same day. Jsk is beautiful,print is crisp and detailed. Thank you so much.
- Whoakitten (Buyer)
Positive (06/03/16) sweetest chocolate tea party JSK2+headbow re-release 06/03/16
The communication was very quick. Beyond very nice and easy to talk to person! A very great seller!
- Sweetielovely (Buyer)
Positive (06/02/16) Pink sweetest chocolate tea party JSK3 06/02/16
Great communication. Responded almost right after I sent the messages. Would definitely buy from again! Shipping from Mexico took a while, but it was very worth it!
- thewildwitch (Buyer)
Positive (05/09/16) Starry Carousel At Night JSK 05/09/16
Good communication, the dress is beautiful and arrived safely! Shipping took longer than expected but that's all right, would buy again.
- clafoutis (Buyer)
Positive (04/15/16) Gold constelation JSK 04/15/16
Seller kept good communication and responded to messages quickly. It took about 1 month to arrive at my door, but it was expected to take at least 3 weeks given it was going from Mexico to the northern US. Item was packed adequately - the box and wrapping was wrinkled/bent but the dress was inside a clear cello bag and well sealed, and arrived safely. Seller made the dress I bought and I am happy with the quality. I would gladly buy from Sweet Addiction again. Thank you!
- azukitan (Buyer)
Positive (03/28/16) Link Stained Glass JSK + Headbow 03/28/16
I received this JSK + Headbow in lovely condition. SweetAdiction replied to my questions in a timely manner before and after the purchase. Very happy with this transaction.
- WyldKyss (Buyer)
Positive (02/17/16) bon bon chocolate JSK+Headbow 02/17/16
Shipping took a while but I guess thats to be expected when it comes from Mexico :)
- bebba_loli (Buyer)
Positive (02/12/16) melty chocolate brown socks 02/12/16
Great seller, I contacted them over on facebook about the dress and they replied minutes later. Due to the holiday rush, we agreed to wait to ship the dress until the new year and once it was shipped it arrived in a couple of weeks and is just gorgeous. The package was a bit squashed but there was no damage to the contents. I would certainly buy from them again ^__^
- AmayaHikari (Buyer)
Positive (01/27/16) Sweet Pirate Addiction Rose JSK and headbow 01/27/16
Wonderful dress!!! Print is fantastic, fits perfectly and super comfortable! I love it, amazing job, super clean no errors or anything. FANTASTIC
- himekitsu (Buyer)
Positive (01/11/16) Alpaca Love 01/11/16
Arrived very well packed and in excellent condition.
- pottergirl26 (Buyer)
Positive (01/07/16) Cogwheel of Time and Eternal El Dorado Vest 01/07/16
Quick and easy transaction. Lovely dress.
- sugarmarlin (Buyer)
Positive (09/07/15)  Shining Symphony 09/07/15
Great seller. Was patient, even when we had messaging issues due LM being down a few times. Great dress, would recommend.
- Lareya (Buyer)
Positive (08/27/15) ''Sleepy Cat'' JSK *RESERVED 08/27/15
The dress is gorgeous! A little bit shinier than in the picture but not grotesquely so. Would buy from again!
- LuciFluer (Buyer)
Positive (08/20/15)   08/20/15
Wonderful item! Even better than expected. I proudly wore it last week-end! Would recommend their creations anytime!
- Arlouxo (Buyer)
Positive (08/11/15) ''Tea Time'' JSK 08/11/15
Arrived Squashly but safely. Thankyou!
- peijiplague (Buyer)
Positive (06/04/15) ALICE AND THE PIRATES BLOUSE 06/04/15