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I send the invoice to the email the customer specified but there has not been replies since 0604. ><" I am relisting the dress. thanks
- tulutulu (Seller)
Negative (06/11/19) BNWT XL-XXXL Plus size baby blue bear short sleeves OP 06/11/19
I would prefer to be informed not purchasing then just not responding or reading my msg. The listing has been relisted.
- tulutulu (Seller)
Neutral (06/02/19) BNWT XXL brown bear jsk ( Plus size friendly) 06/02/19
It’s literally almost been a month since the auction ended and I’ve heard absolutely nothing from this seller. No invoice, no message. Nothing! At this point, I don’t even want it anymore. Let alone give them any money, because even if I were to get an invoice tonight, who knows when I’d even get a message saying it was shipped. I’m definitely never doing business with this seller again. Buyers beware!!!!
- MewMagica (Buyer)
Negative (05/04/19) **VERY DAMAGED** Scalloped Ladder Ribbon Vanity Bag in Pink 05/04/19
This seller communicated with me in the beginning, but then they stopped being responsive after I continually asked for tracking information. I have heard nothing but excuses from them, and I still have yet to receive anything or obtain tracking numbers. They read one of my final messages requesting shipping information and never responded it. The last message I sent they chose not to read at all. I have filed a claim through Paypal and will await their decision since this seller continues to ignore me. My overall experience with this seller has left me dissatisfied and I would avoid doing business with them in the future.
- hazysummerskies (Buyer)
Negative (04/22/19) Red Maria Strawberry Lolita Country SET + Straw Bag + Hat 04/22/19
I cant say in words how frustrated I am with this seller. This was my first ever purchase from this site! While I was very happy for the shipping to be included in the price, I am NOT happy with what I have been through. This seller is INCREDIBLY difficult to contact! I did NOT get the dress. I have been waiting for now over a month for the dress I PAID for. I will never buy anything from this seller again. If the dress magically shows up...... I am going to send it back. I dont want to be reminded for the AWFUL experience I have had. I am getting my money back.
- Sammishka (Buyer)
Negative (04/17/19) Bodyline Cake Bustle JSK in Black + FULL SHIRRING + PLUS SIZE FRIENDLY 04/17/19
What a beautiful dress!! I opened it and immediately in love. Clean and just as pictured. Some drama with postage but once it was resolved all is good.
- gretchenroxxors (Buyer)
Positive (04/01/19) Shirring Princess JSK PLUS SIZE FRIENDLY + FULL SHIRRING 04/01/19
The earrings arrived very quickly, so I appreciate that. The packaging was a bit odd and the piercings arrived bent, but fortunately they could be bent back. One piercing is just very fragile now and may need fixing later. Just wanted to note this and suggest using bubble wrap if shipping earrings again in the future. Thanks!
- notyourmother (Buyer)
Positive (02/01/19) Fondant Chocolat Nounours Collection Earrings in Gold 02/01/19
Good communication about what was going on and was very understanding with all of my questions!
- Kynnafaye (Buyer)
Positive (01/29/19) Wondertoy OP in Sax + Full Shirring + Plus Size Friendly 01/29/19
Buyer asked for discounted price after winning auction, then did not pay invoice or respond to message.
- Len (Seller)
Negative (01/26/19) Qpot Mook bag 01/26/19
Really great to work with!
- Beewitched (Seller)
Positive (10/15/18) Angelic Pretty Berry Garden OP Set Brown *Modified/Damaged* 10/15/18
Wonderful Buyer! Quick Payment and Overall Smooth Transaction, I'd be happy to sell to them again! Thank you so much!
- Gemgem87 (Seller)
Positive (07/23/18) Reserved For princesssquish (DO NOT BUY, FEEDBACK ONLY) 07/23/18
Good buyer
- Solimar_393 (Seller)
Positive (07/07/18) Usakumya’s face towel/washcloth 07/07/18
Prompt payment! Good communication
- dandelionswish (Seller)
Positive (07/03/18) ReStyle Ouiji Board bag 07/03/18
Seller was easy to get in contact with. There was a little snags along the way she was willing to accommodate them. The dress looked a little more faded color wise but was in great condition. Overall, great experience.
- gincookiemonster (Buyer)
Positive (03/19/18) Magical Etoile Mint High Waist JSK 03/19/18
Quite the harrowing buying experience! Due to the seller’s inexperience with Paypal, the transaction was prolonged and it almost took two weeks for the seller to ship the dress after my payment of it. It all began with the seller claiming she did not receive the correct amount of money, which I had correctly sent and disputed by sending her screen caps of my Paypal account and the paid invoice. It turned out that the seller hadn’t included Paypal fees in the final price including shipping, so we decided that she would refund me the sum I paid and send me a new invoice. Along the way I sent her links with tips to using Paypal and otherwise patiently helped her out. What worried me, was when she showed me a message that Paypal had sent her, stating that because she was new to Paypal, they would be placing her funds on hold, at which points I started worrying because I hadn’t seen the refunded money in my Paypal account yet by the time she sent me a new invoice. Since I was worried in te delay of my funds being refunded, I had to personally call Paypal to find out that my money was being processed and returned, and that the seller’s Paypal funds on hold would be released earlier if she would add tracking information to the Paypal transaction. At this point I was still quite patient, wantint to give the seller the benefit kf doubt, but wasn’t very happy to hear that she would have to wait for a week for Paypal to release her funds, so that she could use $60 out of those funds to pay for the shipping of my item. At this point I was starting to get a bit annoyed, since I had hoped to perhaps wear the dress for Valentine’s Day, the day sh was supposed to ship it. So Valentine’s day came and went, and no word from the seller or the shipment of my dress. She didn’t reply to my messages until I had sent a few messages, and finally the seller responded with a picture of a tracking code, proving the dress was sent. I was pretty stressed out and frankly annoyed at this point. The only reason why hadn’t withdrawn from this transaction earlier was the fact that it was my dream dress. Finally the dress arrived, in great condition, with some small goodies, although this does not remove tha fact that this had been my most stressful buying experience so far. I would definitely consider some before buying from this seller, and advise her to look into Paypal and its functions a bit more carefully before engaging and putting potential buyers through the same stress I went. At least I did receive the dress, and it was beautiful, so thank you for that <3.
- Myrreli (Buyer)
Neutral (03/05/18) AP Melty Chocolate High Waist JSK Pink 03/05/18
As Described. Thank you!
- Shilen (Buyer)
Positive (12/05/17) Peppermint Fox Brooch 12/05/17
Arrived quickly and was just as described. Thank you so much!! and Sorry again for the paypal difficulties ^^;;;
- NekoCake (Buyer)
Positive (07/03/17) Angelic Pretty Luminous Sanctuary Veil - Navy - NWOT 07/03/17