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Item came as described and quick shipping. Thank you
- Keykuma (Buyer)
Positive (06/29/19) Innocent world - Bertille Rose jsk - DAMAGED 06/29/19
I love the skirt. Very fast shipping.
- hackbenjamin22 (Buyer)
Positive (06/20/19) Emily Temple Cute - Cat's Treats skirt 06/20/19
Excellent communication and items were as described. Thank you, would recommend seller to anyone!
- totodedum (Buyer)
Positive (06/16/19) Métamorphose - Princess Crown set 06/16/19
Dress arrived yesterday as described. Its absolutely gorgeous and I can't believe how fast it got here!!! Thanks so much
- grimmfirefly (Buyer)
Positive (06/12/19) Moi Meme Moitie - Christmas sequin chiffon OP 06/12/19
Excellent communication! Flawless transaction!
- lovelylor (Buyer)
Positive (03/20/19) Angelic Pretty - Strawberry Whip jsk 03/20/19
Came super quick and in great condition!!
- asomiakanawa (Buyer)
Positive (01/08/19) Angelic Pretty - Dreaming unicorn bag 01/08/19
10/10 seller, dress arrived on time and in good condition!
- Captainofthecorpse (Buyer)
Positive (12/19/18) Baby The Stars Shine Bright - Kuma Kumya Fun Fun School Coronation jsk I 12/19/18
This seller communicated with me very well. I was told she was going to ship out the dress the week after I paid the invoice. A week went by and she messaged me telling me she hadn’t forgot about me. She responded quickly to any of the messages I sent. The seller also suggestive sold me her Kuma Kumya rucksack. It’s like she knew I had been wanting one! Haha. Though it wasn’t an official listing, the rucksack showed up in perfect condition. I didn’t find any issues with the dress either. Shipping to the US was kinda pricy, but that’s to be expected with international shipping. I would definitely buy from this seller again. Thanks so much!
- Kyoko-chan (Buyer)
Positive (12/09/18) Baby The Stars Shine Bright - Kuma Kumya’s Sweet Chocolate jsk 12/09/18
Lovely seller! Would order from again :)
- dollygirl (Buyer)
Positive (07/01/18) Baby The Stars Shine Bright - Bunny Ears fur cape 07/01/18
They communicated with me very well throughout the process! The dress was washed beforehand however it was done in a way that caused some of the colour bleed a little. They communicated this to me immediately and sent photos of the spots, and were very accommodating when I asked for some more photos. I was issued a discount when I asked. The dress otherwise came exactly as described in the post and came well packaged but with a noticeable strong detergent scent.
- punkfairyprince (Buyer)
Positive (04/26/18) Angelic Pretty - Powder rose chest ribbon jsk 04/26/18
Nice dress. Kind seller.
- Aimee (Buyer)
Positive (02/25/18) Juliette et Justine - Concerto de clavecin OP size 2 02/25/18
I didn't hear back from the seller about a week after paying the invoice, but they got back to me quickly about their situation and the shipping time when I reached out. The jacket was packaged nicely and was as described. Would buy from again!
- anarcho_kawaii (Buyer)
Positive (02/21/18) Milklim sugar hearts baseball jacket 02/21/18
Buyer paid promptly and communication was quick. I had no issues with this sale.
- jahrhundert (Seller)
Positive (05/26/17) Moi-meme-Moitie Iron Gate OP 05/26/17
Many thanks.
- sieghard (Buyer)
Positive (04/19/17) Juliette et Justine - Robe du Azrael OP (size 2) 04/19/17
Excellent, thanks!
- rkid (Seller)
Positive (03/26/17) Angelic Pretty Pink Boots 03/26/17
Very beautiful dress. Thank you very much:)
- cissy2010 (Buyer)
Positive (02/08/17) Moi Meme Moitie - Blue Rose jsk 02/08/17
Item was as described!
- Miimichi (Buyer)
Positive (02/04/17) Angelic Pretty - Dolly Cat special set 02/04/17
- selery (Buyer)
Positive (01/30/17) Angelic Pretty - Dreamy Dollhouse salopette 01/30/17
I had a bad experience with this seller. Lack of communication and a stinky skirt when it arrived. Paid the invoice they sent on 12/13/16 and didn't hear from them for over a week after that. Messaged them on 12/28/16 to see what the deal was and they said they would "try to wash it and then ship on Friday" (2 days later). After the noted shipping day I still hadn't heard from them with a tracking number and messaged again. They apologized and refunded $10 since the shipping was delayed (I did not ask for this). I got the package yesterday, 1/10/16, nearly a month after payment, and while the item looks mostly like it did in the listing, it was clearly NOT a "brand new skirt"/NWOT (the ribbon waist tie had crinkles in it from being tied tightly when worn and then untied, not visible in listing images), and the "washing" this seller promised (which would not be necessary with a NWOT item) turned out to be spraying Fabreeze or a thick, flowery perfume all over the skirt. I could smell it through the package before it was even opened. I will have to see if dry cleaning removes the smell, but as it is now I can't wear the skirt.
- SushiAmazon (Buyer)
Negative (01/10/17) Enchantlic Enchantilly - Queen Cat skirt 01/10/17
The dress came in neatly packaged, as descibed, and had no visible faults. The smell, however, was ungodly. I have washed this dress twice and it still lingers. It has spent nearly a week airing out and it is still there. My cat tried to attack it when I first opened it. I am close to not even wanting to wear the dress, I fear the smell will never truly leave. Quite possibly the worst experience I have had beyond a lost package.
- Lokiloo (Buyer)
Negative (01/02/17) Angelic Pretty x Imai Kira - Perfume Of Wonderland set 01/02/17