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Never answer and no payment
- darkmaid (Seller)
Negative (04/06/18) Dark Box Theotokos JSK II 04/06/18
This seller outbid several other people to purchase my item. No response to the messages I sent and no payment on PayPal invoice.
- happygen (Seller)
Negative (03/23/18) Violet Fane Fortune Teller Victorian Oddities Skirt 03/23/18
No communication, no payment. Read my email with payment details but did not respond. Sellers beware!
- vampychan (Seller)
Negative (03/21/18) Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 4, 5, 6, 7 w/ patterns & stickers 03/21/18
Didn't respond or paid. Blacklist her.
- efeuranke (Seller)
Negative (03/21/18) JetJ Rosery Solennel Skirt 03/21/18
Buyer bought listing then told me they couldn't pay for 3 days. I waited 3 days to be nice and now it has been 4 and they have not even opened my messages or paid.
- mayoinstrument (Seller)
Negative (03/21/18) Souffle Song Choosing JSK 03/21/18
Bought a dress from me. 4 days does not respond to messages, no payment.
- naawie (Seller)
Negative (03/20/18) Surface Spell - Holy Prayer Stained glass chiffon jsk 03/20/18
Gave buyer > 48 hours after sale to contact me about payment problems and she never paid her invoice or communicated with me.
- Ravenloudspeaker (Seller)
Negative (03/19/18) Souffle Song - Byzantine JSK 03/19/18
Bought a dress from me and told me afterwards to cancel the transaction, because it won't fit.
- Maylea (Seller)
Negative (03/17/18) Song of Skylark One-piece 03/17/18
Bought a skirt from me, ignored my message for 2 days, then told me after 2 days to cancel the transaction.
- pinkdog (Seller)
Negative (03/17/18) NWT Juliette et Justine Jupe du Lapin et Camée Skirt 03/17/18