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Smooth transaction! Great buyer!
- dandelionswish (Seller)
Positive (06/03/19) Q Pot "Chocolate Bar" E-Mook Pouch 06/03/19
Paid on time and had excellent communication. Would happily sell to again.
- Alyssiumbaby (Seller)
Positive (04/04/19) Angelic Pretty Dreamy Dollhouse Novelty Cushion 04/04/19
Paid on time and had excellent communication. Would happily sell to again.
- Alyssiumbaby (Seller)
Positive (04/04/19) Shirley Temple Cupcake Cushion 04/04/19
Paid on time and had excellent communication. Would happily sell to again.
- Alyssiumbaby (Seller)
Positive (04/04/19) Innocent World Francois Rose Puppy Heart Cushion 04/04/19
Buyer paid very quickly and was a pleasure to do business with. Thank you! :)
- deadlyvu (Seller)
Positive (02/24/19) BtSSB Usakumya Tissue Cover 02/24/19
Everything was perfect, very friendly, thanks again <3
- Perrine (Seller)
Positive (02/09/19) Plate special collection from laforet museum 02/09/19
Great Buyer, true asset to the lace market community, would highly recommend! Thank you!
- ParrotGirl (Seller)
Positive (02/04/19) AP badge set 02/04/19
Wonderful buyer! Quick payment and communication, thanks again :)
- DianaS2 (Seller)
Positive (12/23/18) Angelic Pretty Lovely Puff Hairclip 12/23/18
Great buyer.
- Lusty0majo (Seller)
Positive (12/01/18) Angelic Pretty Novelty button brooch 12/01/18
Thank you for using Wunderwelt!
- wunderwelt (Seller)
Positive (11/14/18) L-2498 **Discolored** Angelic Pretty Coat pink 11/14/18
Thank you!
- ribbon-tartan (Seller)
Positive (11/10/18) SWIMMER / Chocoholic Jewelry Accessory Scalloped Display Shelf (Pink) 11/10/18
Payment on time and good communication. I would sell to her again. Thank you!
- AppleBloom (Seller)
Positive (08/29/18) Angelic Pretty Novelty Plate Navy 08/29/18
Fantastic buyer! Thank you for the smooth sale!
- spacecadet (Seller)
Positive (08/14/18) ANGELIC PRETTY candy-chan coat poodle 2006 08/14/18
Fantastic buyer! Thank you for the smooth sale!
- spacecadet (Seller)
Positive (08/14/18) angelic pretty magic pony bag 08/14/18
Great buyer, thank you!
- pistolhaute (Seller)
Positive (07/16/18) Angelic Pretty Dream Shell Button Up Cardigan 07/16/18
Fast payment, good communication, would sell to again!
- kuroeko (Seller)
Positive (07/03/18) Angelic Pretty SF Lyrical Bunny Pin 07/03/18
The buyer paid quickly, and the communication was good. I am very satisfied with the buyer. Thanks! <3
- xLovelyUnicorn (Seller)
Positive (05/01/18) Angelic Pretty headbow in black 05/01/18
Quick payment & a pleasure to work with!
- carrotcup (Seller)
Positive (01/26/18) AP Melody Toys Heart Brooch Beret - 20% REDUCTION 01/26/18
All perfect
- patypatu (Seller)
Positive (08/18/17) Wonder Cookie Hair Bands + Ring Angelic pretty 08/18/17
Excellent buyer, many thanks for your purchase 😊
- Sunburndoll (Seller)
Positive (08/15/17) BTSSB Mary's Sweet Sheep babydoll JSK + Sheep Garden headbow *FREE SHIPPING* 08/15/17
Quick response and payment, would sell to again if given the chance!
- notapanda (Seller)
Positive (07/25/17) Angelic Pretty Novelty Jewelry Box 07/25/17
Thank you for purchasing from Wunderwelt!
- wunderwelt (Seller)
Positive (07/11/17) L-1703 **Signs of use** Angelic Pretty Hair Accessory set (5 items) 07/11/17
Fast payment, great communication, definitely recommended!
- strawberryjam (Seller)
Positive (07/10/17) Angelic Pretty - Chelsea Argyle Knit Cardigan 07/10/17
Lovely buyer..! Communication and payment was quick, thank you darling 💙
- PastelUsagi (Seller)
Positive (07/01/17) Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly Headbow in Sax *FREE US SHIPPING* 07/01/17
Prompt payment! Great buyer! Thank you!
- KittenCakes (Seller)
Positive (06/28/17) AP Princess Cat Eye Mask Canotier BLACK 06/28/17
Fast payment and very responsive. Lovely buyer <3
- kaelera (Seller)
Positive (06/27/17) Angelic Pretty Magic Bat Canotier 06/27/17
Great communication. Paid promptly. Very polite and easy to work with. :)
- Kimmy117 (Seller)
Positive (06/20/17) (Final Reduction) Angelic Pretty Milky Berry Headbow 06/20/17
Absolutely lovely buyer, excellent communication, I really hope to do business with them again!!
- MilkyToast (Seller)
Positive (06/12/17) Mystery Angelic Pretty Coat - Black 06/12/17
Fast payment and great communication, thank you very much! :)
- kawaii _items (Seller)
Positive (05/22/17) Angelic Pretty Brand New Sugary carnival headband in Black 05/22/17
Such a great buyer. Paid fast and is friendly in conversation. Very smooth transaction!
- sleepykitten (Seller)
Positive (05/13/17) Liz Lisa white cardigan with big buttons and lace details 05/13/17
_へ__(‾◡◝ )> wonderful buyer! i would highly recommend her and sell to her again. she paid very very very quickly,thank you.
- hopeygal (Seller)
Positive (05/02/17) *Plus size* chiffon strawberry short sleeves blouse creamy white 05/02/17
_へ__(‾◡◝ )> wonderful buyer! i would highly recommend her and sell to her again. she paid very very very quickly,thank you.
- hopeygal (Seller)
Positive (04/28/17) BNWT blue cotton lace short sleeve tee shirt 04/28/17
Great buyer! Paid quickly, super friendly, and prompt to reply to messages!
- wonderfinch (Seller)
Positive (04/25/17) Angelic Pretty Rose Toilette Hairtie 04/25/17
_へ__(‾◡◝ )> wonderful buyer! i would highly recommend her and sell to her again. she paid very very very quickly,thank you.
- hopeygal (Seller)
Positive (04/25/17) BNWT white cotton lace short sleeve tee shirt 04/25/17
Thank you for purchasing from Wunderwelt on Lace Market!
- wunderwelt (Seller)
Positive (04/24/17) L-0898 Angelic Pretty Original Dolly Spa Bag (Fantastic Dolly print) 04/24/17
Took a little longer than expected to reply to my initial message once the item was sold. But afterwards communication was good. Payment was prompt so in the end, I had not problems with the buyer at all. Thank you!
- angiiichan (Seller)
Positive (04/16/17) AP Novelty Bag & Candy Hairties set + FREE katie badges 04/16/17
Lovely buyer, would do business with again!
- clairemm (Seller)
Positive (04/15/17) AP Cinema Doll JSK in pink + headbow 04/15/17
Thank you for the transaction~! Very pleasant and quick payment.
- CenFrills (Seller)
Positive (04/12/17) Urgent Sale: Melty Royal Chocolate Beret 04/12/17
Fantastic buyer - quick payment and great communication.
- incredibug (Seller)
Positive (04/10/17) Quartet Chocolate Echarpe [NWOT] 04/10/17
No problems. :)
- birdyedwards (Seller)
Positive (03/09/17) Bodyline knit bloomers 03/09/17
Feedback redacted!
- Roguecrx (Seller)
Positive (02/28/17) Relisting: Dear Celine Bell Sleeved Lace Blouse II - Size XL Damaged! 02/28/17
Best buyer ever <3
- incredibug (Seller)
Positive (02/05/17) Angelic Pretty Frill Millefeuille Umbrella 02/05/17
Very kind girl, fast payment, let me know when the item arrived ^----^ I can recommend her. Thank you <3
- Kimi-EatWorld (Seller)
Positive (01/22/17) AP Gloria Overskirt (wine red) 01/22/17
paid quickly. great buyer.
- letheral (Seller)
Positive (01/19/17) Astro Regimen Special Set 01/19/17
Wonderful buyer!! Would do business with them again.
- lacealamode (Seller)
Positive (01/12/17) Axes Femme Ruffle Collar 01/12/17
Thank you for your purchase
- kittycarousel (Seller)
Positive (01/02/17) Angelic pretty Victorian book ring brown 01/02/17
Lovely buyer as always!
- Soonji (Seller)
Positive (12/28/16) Angelic Pretty/ Disney Collaboration Necklace and Ring - GOLD set 12/28/16
perfect buyer! no issues ! thank you !!!
- GrimPassion (Seller)
Positive (12/23/16) Angelic Pretty bunny muffler scarf rabbit 12/23/16
Buyer was very prompt in payment & courteous :) thank you!
- bunnychan (Seller)
Positive (12/13/16) Chess Emblem JSK BNWOT 12/13/16
Fantastic buyer with no issues at all. Anytime again!
- aini (Seller)
Positive (10/21/16) BTSSB Chiffon Princess Dress Blouse Ivory 10/21/16
Good buyer! Paid on time. Would love to sell to her again.
- Mewsicbox (Seller)
Positive (09/20/16) Souffle Song Chiffon Blouse 09/20/16
I got my payment very quickly! Thank you!
- Gloria (Seller)
Positive (09/14/16) BTSSB Mini Tiara in Gold 09/14/16
She's an excellent buyer. The payment is early and the communication is excellent. Thank you!
- Pinoream (Seller)
Positive (09/10/16) ★AatP/Moonlit Night Round Head Bow[DAMAGE] 09/10/16
Great buyer! Super quick payment and great communication. Would gladly sell to again! :D
- jbear (Seller)
Positive (09/02/16) Ring Set - Metamorphose Crown Cameo & Putumayo Tea Party 09/02/16
Great communication
- alovelyspring (Seller)
Positive (08/28/16) AatP Half Sleeve Shoulder Ribbon Cutsew 08/28/16
Thank you for a great transaction! Best regards, Wunderwelt
- wunderwelt (Seller)
Positive (08/04/16) *reduced* L-0214 BTSSB knit cutsew 08/04/16
Thank you for a great transaction! Best regards, Wunderwelt
- wunderwelt (Seller)
Positive (08/04/16) L-0418 ALICE and the PIRATES strap 08/04/16
Great communication and prompt payment! I would love to do business again!
- SoapboxSirensandCliffhangerCherubs (Seller)
Positive (07/22/16) AatP Airmail 3-Way Bag and Free Liz Lisa Top (mainly for shipping cushion) 07/22/16
great buyer!
- KeyKeyLime (Seller)
Positive (07/19/16) Jelly Beans Kitten Chasing a Heart Platforms 07/19/16
great buyer!
- KeyKeyLime (Seller)
Positive (07/19/16) Bonbon Pastel Color Powder Puff Bow Flats 07/19/16
Quick payment! Lovely buyer!
- sherry1123 (Seller)
Positive (07/12/16) Baby tSSB Rosa Mistica Head Dress 07/12/16
Buyer was very communicative and paid quickly! Thank you so much, I would be happy to do business with you again!
- sherry1123 (Seller)
Positive (07/12/16) Baby tSSB Mock Cherry Straw Hat 07/12/16
Great buyer, quick payment and good communication.
- sherry1123 (Seller)
Positive (07/12/16) Baby tSSB Fur Pom Pom Ribbon Ankle Covers 07/12/16
Great buyer! Fast payment and pleasant communication, thank you!
- Rainies (Seller)
Positive (07/07/16) Alice and the Pirates Queen's Coach antique gold Necklace 07/07/16
Great buyer!
- irohamomiji (Seller)
Positive (07/06/16) Angelic Pretty Luminous Sanctuary and Shadow Dream Carnival Clear file 07/06/16
An excellent buyer ^^ Prompt payment and communication, we would love to do business again. Thank you!
- Takoyaki_co (Seller)
Positive (07/04/16) BTSSB Strawberry Cake Bag (2006) Offwhite - Like New! 07/04/16
A great buyer! Thank you for your business. :) Would sell to again if given the opportunity.
- wicked_n_lovely (Seller)
Positive (06/29/16) Enchantlic Enchantilly Princess Ring 06/29/16
Great buyer, fast payment and easy to communicate with!
- vonmunster (Seller)
Positive (06/28/16) Taobao Chiffon Bolero 06/28/16
Great buyer!
- buttcape (Seller)
Positive (06/27/16) Ouji Keychain 06/27/16
Lovely buyer! She paid up immediately after purchase. Thank you!
- Soonji (Seller)
Positive (06/26/16) Baby the Stars Shine Bright clip on Heart Key Earrings 06/26/16
Lovely buyer, prompt payment. Great communications, thank you very much!
- kulain (Seller)
Positive (06/26/16) Kitten's Wonder Night Tea Party Set II 06/26/16
She's a very excellent buyer. The payment was early and the communication was excellent. Thank you :)
- Pinoream (Seller)
Positive (06/25/16) ★AatP/Logo plate choker 06/25/16
Smooth sale! Thank you again!
- cam314 (Seller)
Positive (06/22/16) BTSSB Diamond Lamé OTKs 06/22/16
Super sweet and fast buyer. Thanks!
- beyondkawaii (Seller)
Positive (06/21/16) Angelic Pretty Candy Sprinkle Parka In Pink 06/21/16
Very awesome buyer. Paid on time and was a pleasure to do business with! :) Thank you.
- twootie (Seller)
Positive (06/19/16) Angelic Pretty Celestial Frame Necklace in Navy 06/19/16
Great buyer, highly recommended. Thank you and hope you enjoy. c:
- Momoka (Seller)
Positive (06/14/16) Butterfly Crown Head Dress 06/14/16
Fast payment, thank you!
- sallyyuen451 (Seller)
Positive (06/04/16) AATP Rosier Empress Ribbon Barrette 06/04/16
Fantastic buyer!!! Lightning payment and good communication!!!
- dannyleungyp (Seller)
Positive (05/27/16) (PRICE REDUCED!!!) Alice and the pirates Wicked Queen's Poison Cellar tights BROWN (NWOT) 05/27/16
Super prompt payment!
- Veevly (Seller)
Positive (05/19/16) AATP Pleated Ribbon Gloves - Off White 05/19/16
Great buyer!
- irohamomiji (Seller)
Positive (04/27/16) Angelic Pretty - Crescent Knit Cardigan 04/27/16
Quick payment and smooth communication! Enjoy the dress! :)
- Rea (Seller)
Positive (04/27/16) Romantic Rose Letter Tiered JSK - Mint 04/27/16
Great transaction
- quichedujour (Seller)
Positive (04/25/16) Chantilly Chandelier Ribbon OTKs 04/25/16
٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ wonderful buyer! i would highly recommend her and sell to her again. she paid very very very quickly,thank you!
- hopeygal (Seller)
Positive (04/24/16) Ruby Rabbit - moon constelation tights white 04/24/16
Transaction went well! :)
- girlanimated (Seller)
Positive (04/23/16) Lucky Key High Waist JSK- NAVY (325 USD inclusive of shipping) 04/23/16
Good buyer!
- Shiri (Seller)
Positive (04/16/16) BtSSB - Macaron clip 04/16/16
Thank you very much!
- Yvien-Magnolia (Seller)
Positive (03/29/16) Baby Rose Tiara 03/29/16
Good Buyer
- kijikun (Seller)
Positive (01/27/16) Automatic Honey Mermaid Necklace 01/27/16
A nice buyer! Communication and payment was quick and the whole transaction was very smooth. I'd love to sell to you again! Thank you very much! :)
- MissCockatoo (Seller)
Positive (01/25/16) Angelic Pretty Porter Chocolate bear bag pouch in brown 01/25/16
lovely buyer
- owls (Seller)
Positive (01/21/16) AATP Sleepless Dusk Masquerade SET 01/21/16
Great buyer!
- irohamomiji (Seller)
Positive (01/19/16) Angelic Pretty - Elizabeth Unicorn Button Set 01/19/16
Thank you :)
- haenulishop (Seller)
Positive (01/13/16) ETC Macaron Print Sleeveless OP 01/13/16
I sold her a Metamorphose Teddy Motors Skirt. The transaction was smooth and buyer kept excellent communication. I highly recommend her! Thanks, and enjoy the skirt! :)
- lingozero (Seller)
Positive (12/20/15) Metamorphose Teddy Motors Denim Skirt 12/20/15
Great buyer, excellent communication, thank you!
- lightlyhollie (Seller)
Positive (06/19/15) Pumpkin Cat Navy chiffon blouse 06/19/15
Great! quick smooth transaction.
- nanajun (Seller)
Positive (12/11/14) Off brand Ribbon Shoes (Size 22cm) 【Brand New】 12/11/14
Sweet buyer! Very fluent communication! Thanks!
- Sue (Seller)
Positive (09/30/14) Kidsyoyo Original Design Night of Black Magic Blouse 09/30/14
Great Transaction! Highly recommend!
- Tea_Lolita (Seller)
Positive (08/13/14) Pink Lyrical Bunny Face Pouch 08/13/14
Perfect transaction
- quichedujour (Seller)
Positive (08/08/14) Angelic Pretty Cosmic Necklace in Gold 08/08/14
Wonderful buyer thank you!
- DianaS2 (Seller)
Positive (06/23/14) Angelic Pretty Ribbon Pattern Knit Bolero in Brown 06/23/14
Buyer was quick to respond to messages and prompt to pay. Would happily sell to again.
- Alyssiumbaby (Seller)
Positive (06/23/14) Angelic Pretty Musee Du Chocolat Sash 06/23/14
Paid quickly and it was a pleasure thank you so much!!
- Legion118 (Seller)
Positive (05/30/14) Btssb and charm kitty collab necklace 05/30/14
Paid quickly and good communication thank you so much!:)
- Legion118 (Seller)
Positive (05/25/14) Baby the Stars Shine Bright Open heart Knit Bolero 05/25/14
There were some issue with this sale on my end, but LuluCouture was extremely patient and understanding. Do not hesitate to sell to her!
- Maraichu (Seller)
Positive (05/13/14) RL Tie Blouse 05/13/14