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She never paid
- alaure (Seller)
Negative (03/24/16) Salon music pink version 03/24/16
Buyer never paid. She made excuse after excuse and was a huge pain to deal with.
- dearestvictoria (Seller)
Negative (11/12/14) Melty Moon Necklace - Pink 11/12/14
Unpaid item. Won 4 items, quite a few messages were exchanged, when it came to paying I received no more replies. I waited 2 weeks before leaving feedback.
- Alyssiumbaby (Seller)
Negative (10/16/14) Angelic Pretty Polka Dot Short Sleeve Parka 10/16/14
Unpaid item. Buyer has gone MIA, I have tried sending several messages with no reply.
- Alyssiumbaby (Seller)
Negative (10/16/14) Angelic Pretty Strawberry-chan Pochette 10/16/14
Unpaid item. Has not responded to any pms, emails or invoices for 2 weeks since the item ended.
- Alyssiumbaby (Seller)
Negative (10/16/14) Metamorphose Room Print Pillow 10/16/14
Unpaid item. Buyer asked to have a couple of days to pay which I agreed to, has not returned any pms since. I waited 2 weeks for a reply before leaving feedback.
- Alyssiumbaby (Seller)
Negative (10/16/14) Angelic Pretty Decoration Dream Pony Pillow 10/16/14
First time I contacted, no reply, 2nd time after one week she responded to change and send to another email. I changed the email of the invoice but haven't got any payment. I sent a reminder and contacted her for the 3rd time both via LM and private email but no reply so far so I'm cancelling this and relist this again for sale.
- Snailshit (Seller)
Negative (10/15/14) Melody Doll SK by AP 10/15/14
NON PAYING BIDDER I tracked her down online and found activity elsewhere within the last 18hrs. so the messages i sent as far back as 8 days ago, as well as the 2 payment requests, are likely being ignored; thats what I'm going to assume. I had hoped it would be like a no internet issue or something else valid but that does not seem to be the case. I will be relisting the item and reporting the buyer to the admins here.
- LadyAri (Seller)
Negative (10/13/14) Bat print skirt 10/13/14