Sweet Dreamer Morning Dew Rose Chiffon One Piece in Scarlet (Short Version) (Minor Damage)

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Here I am listing the Sweet Dreamer Morning Dew Rose Chiffon One Piece in Scarlet (Short Version)! The piece is rather well worn, as evidenced by the minor damage, the staining, in the armpits (pictured), but I have lost favor with the color and hope to extend the life of this dress as, aside from the staining, based on my amateurish inspection, the dress is in very good condition. I have washed the dress before listing and have not worn it since.

Although the tag for the dress notes that it is size S (as pictured), the original listing I purchased from (the reference link) denotes the dress as One/"Free" Size:
Bust: 84 - 104cm
Waist: 72 - 92cm

My own measurements are:
Bust: 91cm
Waist 77cm

Based on my own experience wearing this dress, I would recommend someone with a SMALLER bust than mine to wear this dress. Although the bust does fit me, the cut of the bodice is very flat and I think someone with a larger bust would find either not able to fit or find it uncomfortable to fit no matter it saying a larger size fits.

Another note about the fit is that there are no zippers/buttons/clasps to assist in putting on and taking off the dress. The only assist is the shirring. For that reason I also would not recommend someone with larger measurements than myself to wear this dress because it can be difficult to put it on and take it off, especially without assistance.

This is the short version of the OP. It also has a slight high-low hemline.
The OP comes with the waist belt (pictured). It does NOT come with any additional accessories pictured in the reference image/link.

I had a hard time taking pictures with consistent lighting-- as for color accuracy, please reference the first/featured image. If I were to describe the color, it would be a slightly warm toned maroon-red.

If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to message me or leave a comment!

Shipping to United States: $15
Shipping outside United States: Contact seller for quote
Condition: Minor Damage
Brand: Sweet Dreamer
Damage: Minor Stains
Colors: Reds
Reference Link: Www.Clobbaonline.Com
Category: Dresses
~ Please be aware that I have pets (a cat and two dogs), so if you have such allergies please proceed with caution. If requested I can try to carefully wash any items and quarantine them from my pets until I ship them. ~ My household is no smoking, so no worries there! ~ I have never shipped overseas from the continental US before so I have very little reference for costs, so if you are overseas you may have to bear with me for a moment to figure out the shipping costs. I apologize in advance. ~ For all items I am listing I am willing to be flexible on pricing so long as you are considerate! I try to be as fair as possible with pricing, but the items I list, of course, I am hoping to remove from my personal collection especially as I am currently working to curate it closely. If it must be at a lower cost for someone else to be able to enjoy, then I am happy to accommodate, but please be considerate. ~ I would consider all sales as final, however I would like to be considerate regarding varying circumstances if I have the ability to do so. If there are any concerns after payment/shipping we may communicate but please be considerate as always; I try my best to provide as much information as possible and will listen to all concerns beforehand as long as those concerns are communicated. Thank you for reading~!

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