Baby the Stars Shine Bright Lace Collar Pullover Black Cutsew

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BtSSB black cutsew, never been worn, new without tags.

BtSSB Lace Collar Pullover in Black Colorway
Length 47cm/18.5in
Shoulder 30cm/11.81in
Bust 82cm/32.3in
Waist:71 cm/28in
Sleeve length 65cm/25.6in
Material is made of stretchy cotton, so it can fit a lot larger than specified measurements. Never been worn, new w/o tags. 9 for US Shipping, $20 for International shipping.

Shipping to United States: $9
Shipping outside United States: $20
Condition: New Without Tag
Brand: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Style: Sweet, Classic, Gothic, Kuro, Country, Otome, Hime, Punk, Ouji, Waqi, Casual
Colors: Black
Sizing Notes: Petite
Category: Tops
♡ S H O P T E R M S ☆ 1. I live in San Francisco, so if you live in The Bay Area, pick up in person is possible. In doing so, we will follow all social distancing requirements. 2. I launder any items that are in need of it prior to shipping, always in accordance with the washing instructions specified on the item. If you have any specific requests surrounding this issue (allergies, etc.), please let me know. 3. No returns (unless otherwise specified on certain items). 4. No refunds (unless otherwise specified on certain items). 5. I'm sorry, but, I DO NOT ACCEPT E CHECKS. Please DO NOT try to pay me via an e check, I will need to cancel the transaction if you try to pay me via an e check, unless you cancel the check and pay me the regular way. I am not willing to wait 3-5 days for the check to clear, especially because with echecks you can cancel them at any time, for any reason, whether or not its justified. Thank you for understanding. 6. 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I'll consider all offers, I just ask you to, please, be fair (don’t lowball) and I’ll be fair to you in return! 8. I am sometimes willing to do holds. Just ask! 9. I have a cat. However, she is not allowed near any of my nice clothing and all of my Lolita fashion is kept in sturdy, polyester/cotton mix garment bags, and then sealed again inside a plastic storage box, which keeps these items fairly well isolated from my cat (and everything else, for that matter). Although I try my best to make sure items are pristine prior to shipping, there may be a few stray cat hairs here and there, so if you're allergic, please be wary of that. 10. I live with a smoker, although he isn't allowed to smoke indoors or anywhere near my valuable j fashion and lolita items, because I have horribly severe asthma that requires 3 inhalers daily, 3 pills daily including a steroid, a shot I must give myself every other week, all just to control my asthma, and I must have a nebulizer by bed at all times in case I have a particularly bad asthma attack. I would also get evicted if he were to smoke indoors, and we live next to our buildings super, who I learned recently does smoke weed, sometimes so much so now that I can smell it from my apartment, so please be aware of this. I cannot ask him to stop as he is the building super and the smell does dissipate pretty quickly but I'd also rather stay on good terms with him because I don't want to lose my apartment, and the smell never has reached any of my clothes really anyways. My egl clothing and other items I'm selling are ALWAYS sealed in vacuum sealed bags that are then put inside plastic storage boxes that are sealed with a lid. I also make sure everything I sell is usually dry cleaned or washed carefully before shipping, so most people have not complained of any smell in anything I've sold them. With anyone who has, I always offer whatever I can to remedy the situation. If you receive an item you've bought from me and there is ever an issue, I am more than willing to work to resolve the issue with you.. If you get you recieve your package and there is something wrong, just shoot me a message and I will do anything I can to make it up to you. Such as offering a partial refund, or to pay for dry cleaning, or help to fix whatever problem it is for you. I genuinely try my best to prevent this sort of thing from happening, the last thing I want to do is upset anyone or effect the health of anyone I sell anything to. I only aim to satisfy my customers and bring joy to their lives. Here is some cool advice for getting rid of smells: If you ever receive an item in the mail from anyone and it smells bad (doesn't matter what smell it is, smoke, musty smells, body odor, etc. whatever) if you can wash it either by hand, in the washing machine, or at the dry cleaners do so first, and then once the garment is fully dry, put it in a sealed plastic bag and suck all the air out of it before you seal it, and then put it in the freezer overnight. If it still smells the next morning, basically just leave it in the freezer for a few more days, and the smell will come out pretty much every time. It still can work even with items that you can't wash (such as dresses that have glitter on them, which you can't even bring to a dry cleaner because it will take the glitter off, and dry cleaning doesn't really remove smells anyways for the most part sadly,) just as long as the item is dry and sealed in a plastic bag, for some reason putting it in the freezer gets rid of smells almost every time. I tried it myself a few times now. I learned that from this youtube video: Another way to get rid of smells is by spraying the garment with rubbing alcohol, or the kind of cheap $6 vodka that comes in the mouthwash-esq bottle so it doesn’t have any flavors or sugar added, and then letting the garment air out somewhere with good ventilation. A third way for really extreme smells that won't come out is washing the garment in the washing machine with half a cup white vinegar. Then doing it again. Then washing it normally without vinegar in the washing machine. Then one last time without vinegar but with some fabric softener with a clean cotton scent. That works if nothing else will. 11. I generally ship on Fridays or Saturdays once a week. If there is a delay, I will contact you. If I have forgotten to contact you, please shoot me a message and I'll let you know whats going on immediately. I'm generally very responsive. 12. Please be aware that if your package gets lost in transit that I'm not responsible for the loss. In the event that this does happen, I will do whatever I can to help you locate your package and offer any advice I can to help remedy the situation. If you think that your package might get stolen, I strongly suggest you ask me to ship it via certified mail or ask that the package require signature confirmation for delivery. Likewise, if you are an international customer, I suggest using UPS Access points where you can redirect the package to an access point near you. Once it is there, you must show your photo ID to pick up your package. 13. If the buyer does not pay the PayPal invoice within 24 hours, the sale is off. Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions about anything. ☆ B E S T W I S H E S ♡


littleredqueen 12 months ago
Confirming the cutsew comes with the charm and bow at center front as the stock photo?
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