Atelier Pierrot Navy Corset Bustle OP

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Atelier Pierrot corset bustle OP in navy colorway, unsure of release date.
Might be 2011 or 2014, but I can't tell from any of the entries on Lolibrary.
Has been dry cleaned.

Bought in 2018 from Lace Market; listing-
I've worn this piece once, and while I really like it, I'm really bad at controlling my spending habits ;_;

The skirt has an adjustable bustle, demonstrated in the proof photos.

The corset boning on one side *might* be a bit bent or uneven, but I can't tell unless I'm wearing it.
Aside from that and a minor loose seam, the piece is in overall very good shape.

I had trouble taking the measurements myself; there's shirring in the back, and it can stretch quite a bit.

I'm basing the following measurements on a 2016 release of the bustle corset OP:

Bust: 76-91 cm
Waist: 60-83 cm
Length: ~85 cm

For reference, I fit into this comfortable before I lost weight; at the time I had about 76 cm waist and 80 cm bust.

There are no cats or dogs in my house. I have a long-haired pet rabbit;  however, I do not take her near my Lolita pieces, nor do I handle her while wearing them. I will use a lint roller on the piece again before shipment.

At the moment, due to quarantine and financial concerns, I will only be shipping to US addresses via USPS Priority Shipping. I have been shipping out purchases via Flat Rate Priority Mail Medium Boxes.

I might be able to ship to Canadian addresses, but the shipping price will likely be higher and the buyer MUST contact me for a quote/logistics in advance.

Shipping to United States: $15
This item does not ship outside United States
Condition: Very Good
Brand: Atelier Pierrot
Style: Gothic
Colors: Black, Blues, Dark
Sizing Notes: Long Length
Reference Link: Lolibrary.Org
Category: Dresses
I will be selling some pieces due to the loss of my income. I will be shipping out via USPS postal service; as my entire family is being quarantined, I will try to use delivery service for sending in packages. As such, I will ONLY be shipping to US addresses at this time. My entire family is limiting outside contact, so please allow at least 1 business week for your purchase to be sent out. All of my pieces will be clean and folded, and placed into plastic packaging before shipment. I would recommend waiting several days before opening the package, as a precaution in light of the current pandemic. Furthermore, the following rules apply: -No returns -Payment must be submitted via PayPal within 3 business days -Must have at least 5 positive feedbacks, either through Lace Market, eBay etc -I will only accept payment plans for items greater than $300 in value

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