38? EU Cotton Candy Feet Shiny Unicorn Queen Black Glitter DAMAGE

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゚。38? EU Cotton Candy Feet Shiny Unicorn Queen Black Glitter

 38EU? Red Cotton Candy Feet Charm Ribbon. I would recommend these for a size 7-7.5 US. They say 37 on the bottom, but they're definitely larger than the red pair. They fit me with room as a US 7. Made in 2017.

There is a crack in the pleather, but no peeling or any major detrimental damage, does not affect wear and is hardly noticeable. This is an amateur inspection and flaws may be overlooked. These are a harder enamel material, does not seem they will flake/peel. This in the similar spot on both shoes. The scallops flop down a bit and always have. I do not grant full or partial refunds. This will be shipped via USPS, tracked and insured.

 NOTE: I own dogs and cats. Item has been thoroughly wiped down to the best of my ability, inside and out.

Shipping to United States: $15
This item does not ship outside United States
Condition: Minor Damage
Brand: Western Indie
Damage: Rips Or Tears, Scratches Or Scuffs
Style: Sweet, Classic, Gothic, Kuro, Casual
Colors: Black, Silver
Reference Link: Cottoncandyfeet.Com
Category: Shoes
PLEASE ensure that you are paying with the correct address on PayPal. I cannot change this on my end, and PayPal seller protection needs me to ship to the address the invoice was paid with. Agreeing to ship untracked and uninsured is acceptance of the liabilities. I will not refund for damages or lost packages. All refunds are handled through the USPS. Please message me if you are interested in purchasing outside of USA. Shipping can take up to 5 days due to small rural post office that closes before I get back from work. My ship day has changed from Thurs/Fri to Saturday. The above of up to 5 days to ship still applies. There may be delays as I am having some career and life changes. I accept payment plans for purchases over $100. I will place a hold on a "buy it now" only item for 24 hours from time of message.

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