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Great buyer!
- sunkittystudios (Seller)
Positive (01/04/20) Free shipping Alice AAU ouji pants shorts prince kodona black like new 01/04/20
great seller! communicative and fast shipping !
- hecket.m (Buyer)
Positive (06/12/19) Clearance - Ahcahcum Muchacha Mushroom Jacquard Flare One piece Dress OP white blue velvet flocky woodland forest fairy tale 06/12/19
Seller was quick to ship and the hat arrived exactly as pictured. Thanks!
- lavenderlilly (Buyer)
Positive (05/21/19) Clearance - Jane Marple wide brim Heart BRM collar hat witch black velvet 05/21/19
This item turned out better than I expected! It’s a little long for me on the straps but I can Fix that no problem.
- JenMunoz (Buyer)
Positive (05/20/19) Clearance - jane marple fantasia secret garden flocky overalls suspenders salopette bubble skirt pinafore jsk 05/20/19
Quick shipment, item as described!
- Graceyyxx (Buyer)
Positive (03/09/19) Clearance - Jane Marple Dans Le Salon watercolor rose leaf wool felt long dress op buttons long sleeve patchwork mixed fabrics cream ivory 03/09/19
Wonderful seller, very easy to communicate with and updated me throughout the buying/shipping process! Skirt was as described & the seller shipped it out fast. Would highly recommend them!
- Fuzz (Buyer)
Positive (03/07/19) Clearance - Jane Marple Kennel Motif print skirt blue Miss Peggy and Lulu dogs Poodle Scottie Scottish Cairn Irish Russell terrier 03/07/19
Great experience!
- relliott9 (Buyer)
Positive (02/13/19) Jane Marple old school buckle wingtip brogue victorian granny boots shoes brown S 6 02/13/19
- 4outof3 (Buyer)
Positive (02/05/19) Clearance - BPN black peace now velvet prince pants cropped riding breeches burgundy blood red velveteen shorts ouji aristo victorian 02/05/19
Perfect buyer. Thank you for a great transaction!
- Squelette (Seller)
Positive (01/31/19) AATP Mr. Wolf Muffler - Red Riding Hood 01/31/19
Great seller, would buy from again
- pumpkinpie5490 (Buyer)
Positive (01/30/19) Clearance - aatp Little Dreaming Sailor ~Small Adventure in the Garrett~ OTKs socks in black alice and the pirates 01/30/19
Item arrived quickly and as described - thank you-
- sketchbeetle (Buyer)
Positive (01/28/19) Clearance - Jane Marple Navy blue bird cage cutout knees cropped pants shorts ouji aristo prince victorian straps d rings 01/28/19
Cute dress! Thank you so much!
- yukari (Buyer)
Positive (12/28/18) Clearance - ETC Emily Temple Cute circus carnival empire waist jsk sample teal velvet glitter polka dot tulle jumperskirt dress blue - green black orange 12/28/18
- ixolite (Buyer)
Positive (12/11/18) Clearance - jane marple fuzzy princess collar ivory brown tulle nature 12/11/18
Thanks so much! Love the Pooh bear shirt especially :)
- ixolite (Buyer)
Positive (12/11/18) Clearance - Set of two Jane Marple Winnie the Pooh bear cutsews honey bear polka dots bees mirror ducks 12/11/18
Love the skirt! Everything was exactly as described and shipping was fast. Thanks so much! <3
- ixolite (Buyer)
Positive (12/11/18) Clearance - Jane Marple Puss in Boots Mini Skirt black cat fairy tale castle 12/11/18
Skirt looks great and come as described! Thank you!!
- alehayes (Buyer)
Positive (12/09/18) Clearance - Emily Temple Cute woodland creatures skirt blue animals Bambi deer fawn skunk chipmunk squirrel rabbit duck mushroom acorn 12/09/18
Dress arrived in perfect condition and shipped quickly. Excellent seller - would recommend. Thank you!
- MilkyPeach (Buyer)
Positive (11/28/18) Make an Offer - etc Emily Temple Cute fruit cans jsk jumperskirt dress sax light blue cherry strawberry 11/28/18
Nice boots, friendly communication & fast shipping. Thank you :)
- yeye (Buyer)
Positive (11/04/18) Make an Offer - vintage 60s victorian button spat boots black white steampunk goth 5 ouji aristo 11/04/18
Great seller and great communication
- LasheetaToel (Buyer)
Positive (10/16/18) RESERVED Free US shipping aatp alice and the pirates Night Fairy Fantasia Combinaison (Culotte Suit) salopette Peter Pan ☆Cloud Sky【Brown×Ivory lace×Brown ribbon】 10/16/18
Quick communication and shipment. Thank you!
- milkyselenite (Buyer)
Positive (10/11/18) Free US shipping btssb baby the stars shine bright Kuma Kumya-chan's Sweet Chocolate Tights ☆ Sweet chocolate (Dark Brown × Mint green) 10/11/18
Thank you so much, perfect transaction.
- Saicahime (Buyer)
Positive (09/20/18) Free US shipping! aatp alice and the pirates Rose Ornament JSK II ivory empire waist 09/20/18
great seller, ty!
- calliopeanne (Buyer)
Positive (09/13/18) Free US shipping vintage 80s victorian granny zip up boots 6 goth steampunk witch black 09/13/18
Quick shipping
- happygen (Buyer)
Positive (08/12/18) Free US shipping black faux fur capelet collar forever 21 08/12/18
prompt communication and fast shipping, thanks!
- insomniel (Buyer)
Positive (08/03/18) Free US shipping alice and the pirates lady's Daniel pants striped regimental wine Bordeaux 08/03/18
Wonderful shoes! A bit tight but fit :) Very happy with purchase
- Cryej23 (Buyer)
Positive (07/23/18) Vintage Kenneth Cole rococo floral bow shoes 7 6.5 Louis coffin heels bows pointed toe made in Spain 1980s baroque victorian queen tea 07/23/18
Love this sk! Thanks
- yuwei702 (Buyer)
Positive (06/26/18) Free US shipping Emily temple cute Alice in wonderland long skirt pink 06/26/18
It was adorable, thank you I love it
- alyz (Buyer)
Positive (06/17/18) Free US shipping Jane Marple wine tulle princess sleeve cutsew top 06/17/18
Great seller, exactly as described. Thanks!
- Ekku_Zakku (Buyer)
Positive (05/20/18) Free US shipping black peace now bpn bat gauze skirt high low 05/20/18
Great communication, very happy with shipping cost and speed. Would buy from again without hesitation.
- lachryphage (Buyer)
Positive (05/10/18) Free US shipping Antaina an tai na ruffle frill platform rocking horse shoes white 23 cm 36 6 6.5 S 05/10/18
Great customer, good communication. Please shop again ;)
- CloverPrincess (Seller)
Positive (02/18/18) RESERVED - Night Fairy Fantasia Combinaison (Culotte Salopette) - Brown Cocoa 02/18/18
Lovey item as described and kind seller
- egalntine215 (Buyer)
Positive (01/08/18) SALE! AATP Alice and the Pirates Gloria ~Beautiful glassy saint Mary~Agnes Skirt Raphael navy blue religious angels roses stained glass 01/08/18
- medussabondage (Buyer)
Positive (12/30/17) Jane Marple Golden Goose Gathered Jacquard Skirt navy blue 12/30/17
It's beautiful, and it came just on time!
- 4outof3 (Buyer)
Positive (12/08/17) Emily Temple Cute foret gobelin skirt pink forest tapestry rabbits foxes flowers 12/08/17
Wonderful Buyer! I’d happily sell to them again! Thank you so much for your purchase. :)
- Gemgem87 (Seller)
Positive (12/03/17) Jane Marple Bunny Shirt OP (US SHIPPING INCLUDED) 12/03/17
Wonderful Buyer! I’d happily sell to them again! Thank you so much for your purchase. :)
- Gemgem87 (Seller)
Positive (12/03/17) Jane Marple Tartan and Stripe Patchwork Skirt (US SHIPPING INCLUDED) 12/03/17
No troubles, excellent seller, would do business with again
- Bunnyhuns (Buyer)
Positive (09/29/17) Jane Marple acorn mushroom ring 09/29/17
wow! this is a very beautiful piece! thank you for selling it to me, it will be well loved :)
- glassesgirl2 (Buyer)
Positive (07/21/17) Handmade yellow rose lariat scarf necklace crochet flowers leaves nature Emily Temple cute Jane Marple 07/21/17
Super cute tights! They fit very well and are quite soft, not itchy at all and not too hot for warmer weather. Shipping was also super fast - they sent out basically as soon as I bought them!
- teaco (Buyer)
Positive (07/13/17) Fairy Tale Cute Rabbit bows garter digital printed tights woodland forest 07/13/17
First seller I'v ever had that shipped the same day I paid A+
- annalizd (Buyer)
Positive (07/11/17) Alice in wonderland Painting the Roses Red glass necklace Queen of Hearts 07/11/17
Really great item and invoicing and shipping were super fast!
- majinsteph (Buyer)
Positive (07/03/17) ETC Emily temple cute Polka dot and Ribbon Skirt bows 07/03/17
Absolutely fantastic seller! The dress arrived very quickly and was in perfect condition!
- French_Navy (Buyer)
Positive (06/18/17) Jane Marple Dans Le Salon birds flowers fence lace applique dress op shiny satin taupe beige tan khaki 06/18/17
The petticoat was perfect and in great shape! Lovely seller, would buy from again!
- roniclaws (Buyer)
Positive (06/18/17) American Apparel white slip petticoat skirt pannier 06/18/17
Though it is a littel bit pink , but it worths the price!
- yenih (Buyer)
Positive (06/16/17) Milk cherry garden skirt white berry strawberry raspberry lingonberry/ cranberry 06/16/17
seller was great and super fast to respond! the skirt is so lovely!!
- eldritchorror (Buyer)
Positive (05/31/17) Jane Marple Old England Skirt bordeaux wine burgundy bagpipes castles 05/31/17
Thank you and hope you enjoy your new skirts :)
- (Seller)
Positive (04/06/17) [Otome skirts x 5] Jane Marple, ETC, Milk 04/06/17
Great seller & everything was perfect! Thanks!
- Rubyakiou (Buyer)
Positive (02/13/17) CLEARANCE Btssb baby the stars shine bright flower garrett juliette longoing op scarlet mint pastel green altered sleeves 02/13/17
Fantastic seller with very fast communication and shipping!
- chiichick (Buyer)
Positive (02/07/17) CLEARANCE Jane Marple bordeaux wine regimental striped highland dress jsk 02/07/17
It's always a pleasure to purchase from this seller. Shipped out quickly and arrived in excellent condition. Thank you so much!!
- qbeau (Buyer)
Positive (01/28/17) CLEARANCE Jane Marple Dans Le Salon Holy Chair Embroidery jsk dress black white gold 01/28/17
item as described! Thank you so much!
- cloudiestdragon (Buyer)
Positive (12/05/16) RESERVED for cloudiestdragon Angelic Pretty Eat Me otk socks in navy 12/05/16
Seller was communicative, dispatch was timely, and arrived quickly. The garment was beautiful, too. Would gladly purchase from them again!
- kauanyboop (Buyer)
Positive (12/04/16) CLEARANCE Jane marple floral fruit leaf applique sheer Swiss polka dot button up back jsk dress ivory 12/04/16
- tsutsu (Buyer)
Positive (11/07/16) Jane Marple Puss in Boots cutsew mini OP 11/07/16
- tsutsu (Buyer)
Positive (11/07/16) Jane Marple flocky opal Alice jsk blue 11/07/16
Thank you so much* and sorry late feedback
- marius (Buyer)
Positive (11/04/16) bpn black peace now long collar button sleeveless blouse swallowtail high low 11/04/16
Item arrived quickly, everything was in great condition! Thank you so much!
- marleymeow (Buyer)
Positive (10/27/16) CLEARANCE Juliette et justine Le Cadre du Chat JSK lapin size 1 includes sash belt 10/27/16
Great seller!
- kariu (Buyer)
Positive (10/24/16) CLEARANCE BTSSB Baby the Stars Shine Bright The Secret Garden ~The Rose has a Secret Scent~ Skirt Tea color Terra Rosa (Brown x Ivory frill x Ivory lace x Cocoa ribbon) 10/24/16
Item arrived fast and in perfect condition, great seller!
- miho_lunatique (Buyer)
Positive (10/17/16) Alice Auaa Obscured s/s 2011 open front princess over dress overdress op coat ivory kinari 10/17/16
Great, thanks!
- marqee_moon (Seller)
Positive (10/13/16) Le Cadre du Chat (Lapin version) in Size 1 10/13/16
Thank you very much!
- marqee_moon (Buyer)
Positive (09/20/16) SALE BTSSB Baby the Stars Shine Bright Ave Maria ~Heavenly Princess and Madonna Lily~ OP long dress mint light pastel green 09/20/16
Absolutely lovely seller! The skirt is even more beautiful in person, and arrived in wonderful condition. Shipping & communication were both quick. I'd happily purchase from them again. Thanks so much!
- qbeau (Buyer)
Positive (09/17/16) SALE Jane Marple velvet angel painting cherub skirt pleated high waist brown green 09/17/16
Dress arrived in perfect condition and shipping was super quick! Great seller, would happily do business with her again!
- wonderfinch (Buyer)
Positive (08/29/16) Emily Temple Cute tan velvet suede mori girl natural forest kei jsk 08/29/16
Fantastic seller! Smooth transaction with great communication and fast shipping!
- CasualLolitaStyle (Buyer)
Positive (08/24/16) SALE AATP Alice and the Pirates Holiday of the Hulim Hulum Brass Band skirt black flim flam 08/24/16
Perfect seller, thank you so much!
- etsplanations (Buyer)
Positive (08/05/16) SALE Jane marple Dans le salon sack paperbag shorts with bow belt khaki tan safari brown 08/05/16
Perfect seller, thank you so much!
- etsplanations (Buyer)
Positive (08/05/16) SALE Jane Marple cape capelet jacket trench coat w/ belt fawn beige khaki tan brown 08/05/16
Item as described, fast shipping and great communication! Thanks
- Elmina (Buyer)
Positive (07/28/16) SALE La Luice dusky pink 2-layer long skirt w/ sash belt underskirt petticoat lace frills 07/28/16
Nice seller. Cute dress.
- EchoAkane (Buyer)
Positive (07/22/16) SALE Liz Lisa heart cut out faux fur dress lace collar sleeves pink white striped epaulettes pom poms circus 07/22/16
Beautiful, rare, designer blouse with lovely print and colors! Excellent price and perfect condition! Lovely seller, very friendly and sweet! Fast and free shipping!
- jillleclear626 (Buyer)
Positive (07/08/16) SALE Jane Marple Highland Sky Print Puff T-shirt cutsew Highlander blue rainbow deer butterfly clouds castle crown nature 07/08/16
Shipped super-fast, and the item was just as described. Couldn't be happier! ^^
- Elfindreams (Buyer)
Positive (06/16/16) Jane Marple Hansel and Gretel embroidered cutsew shirt German fairy tale Hänsel und Gretel 06/16/16
Item arrived quickly, packaged well, etc. Great seller, would recommend.
- lisemily (Buyer)
Positive (06/06/16) Victorian Maiden olive green long mermaid skirt 2002 06/06/16
Packaged really well and arrived quickly.
- heathermariexo (Buyer)
Positive (05/27/16) Jane Marple angel wings gold mirror lipstick holder 05/27/16
Perfect seller, very fast shipping, many thanks :)
- Sunburndoll (Buyer)
Positive (05/12/16) Jane Marple Merry Lively Zoo op dress off white cream ivory animals trees mushrooms plants nature 05/12/16
Great interaction. quickly responded to my messages and quickly sent out shipment. Sadly, the shoes were too tight and did not end up fitting me even though I'm a size 5. I did not ask for the length or width of the shoes so it is also my fault and I take responsibility for it. Shoes are probably 4 1/2. Overall I had a nice experience with this seller and it was a slight mistake that I'm not angry about because the shoes themselves do not state their size on them. I will still buy from this seller again.
- littlelambb (Buyer)
Positive (04/25/16) vintage 60s 70s red patent mary janes 35 5 Emily the Strange goth dolly 04/25/16
Thanks, love this item.
- RebeccaPorphyria (Buyer)
Positive (04/15/16) Heavy Red BLACK LACE COLLAR goth chiffon sheer Victorian steampunk 04/15/16
Everything went smoothly. Leaflarva let me know when the blouse arrived and was quick to leave feedback.
- Miss-Harajuku-Secondhand-Shop (Seller)
Positive (03/04/16) Jane Marple ✩ Polka Dots and Daisies Blouse 03/04/16
The seller was so friendly and very communicative; shipping was quick and packaging was great, skirt is gorgeous and just as described. Highly recommended, thank you so much!
- Motolita (Buyer)
Positive (02/18/16) AATP Alice and the Pirates Swan lake~Ephemeral tears~long skirt green 02/18/16
Nice dress and wonderful seller, thank you!
- zy3681 (Buyer)
Positive (02/16/16) AATP Alice and the Pirates hymn print skirt navy blue 02/16/16
I have bought from this seller several times now and she is so kind and communicative. Always fast to ship and items are always in the condition that was listed. Such a lovely seller!
- timeofthebee (Buyer)
Positive (02/09/16) ETC Emily Temple Cute shorts bloomers embroidered sheer tulle cotton ivory milk tea 02/09/16
Dress was as described. Shipped quick and replied to messages fast. Would by from again :)
- domino_party (Buyer)
Positive (02/08/16) AATP Alice and the Pirates Vampire Forest Prima Donna JSK navy blue 02/08/16
Thank you again for being a great seller!
- rincinerate (Buyer)
Positive (01/31/16) AATP Alice and the Pirates mystic lace tights ivory Ragnarok Story of the Final Stage 01/31/16
Very friendly seller and quick to ship. Thank you so much!
- rincinerate (Buyer)
Positive (01/31/16) AATP Alice and the Pirates Ragnarok ~Story of the Final Stage~ OP Violet Purple 01/31/16
Item as described, received quickly, thanks
- kitrael (Buyer)
Positive (12/17/15) AATP Alice and the Pirates Opera Millefeuille OP Off White jsk 12/17/15
Great seller with great communication and fast shipping.
- blacklace81 (Buyer)
Positive (12/03/15) Jane Marple antique gold angel wings lipstick holder with mirror 12/03/15
Great seller with great communication and fast shipping.
- blacklace81 (Buyer)
Positive (12/03/15) Jane Marple fairy tale earrings fawn/ deer/ bambi and rapunzel’s castle silver 12/03/15
Seller was a pleasure to work with. Very good with communication, dispatch time, and the package arrived in a timely manner and as described! Couldn't have asked for more. Thanks so much! ;v;
- auenchante (Buyer)
Positive (11/28/15) ETC Emily Temple Cute yellow ice cream chiffon jsk 11/28/15
Great response time, even with lace market messing up. Lovely shipping time, they even shipped it out the day of purchase. ^-^
- Miniplushie (Buyer)
Positive (11/28/15) REPLICA Angelic Pretty milky cross jsk navy blue 11/28/15
Very good buyer 8D
- haenulishop (Seller)
Positive (10/27/15) VM Velveteen Rose Corset WINE 10/27/15
Great seller with good communication and quick shipping.
- blacklace81 (Buyer)
Positive (10/21/15) Jane Marple long tiered ivory cutsew and lace skirt 10/21/15
A+, arrived quickly and just as described.
- Maistress (Buyer)
Positive (10/21/15) AATP Alice and the Pirates Gloria~Beautiful Glassy Saint Mary~ Print Tights ivory 10/21/15
A five star seller! Great communication and super fast shipment! The dress is brand new with tag as described. I would definitely recommend this seller to everyone. And thank you so much for offering me a discount.
- youqinjiyue (Buyer)
Positive (09/19/15) AATP Alice and the Pirates Starry Moonlight Night Sirene JSK II mint green 09/19/15
Perfect transaction again, REALLY serious and friendly seller, probably one of the best seller on Lacemarket :3 :3
- Sunburndoll (Buyer)
Positive (09/17/15) AATP Alice and the Pirates Mr Wolf bag black オオカミさんバッグ 09/17/15
Beautiful skirt, in excellent condition, packed well. Good seller, thank you!
- zy3681 (Buyer)
Positive (09/15/15) AATP Alice and the Pirates hymn print skirt ivory 09/15/15
Thank you so much!
- Maistress (Buyer)
Positive (09/15/15) AATP Alice and the Pirates Innocent Rosier OP Navy blue 09/15/15
Brilliant seller, very fast shipping many thanks :3
- Sunburndoll (Buyer)
Positive (09/09/15) Vintage Jane Marple X chest long sleeve op 09/09/15
Quick and friendly transaction. The bag was in better condition than I'd expected. c: Would recommend!
- swampflora (Buyer)
Positive (09/04/15) Jane Marple green tea pot tea cups tea time bag 09/04/15
Lovely dress! As described and Super fast shipping! Thank you so much!
- Suzanne (Buyer)
Positive (09/02/15) Emily Temple Cute kinari ballerina empire waist knit tulle jsk w/ flutter sleeves 09/02/15
Great transaction!
- Alyssiumbaby (Buyer)
Positive (09/01/15) Jane Marple bow beret 09/01/15
- Yuayua (Seller)
Positive (08/29/15) AatP Hymn SK in Navy 08/29/15
nice buyer!thank you:)
- shuliy (Seller)
Positive (08/28/15) antp Hymn Print Skirt in ivory 08/28/15
Always a pleasure buying from this seller. Fast shipping, and quick with communication. Will continue buying from them :)
- arisuki (Buyer)
Positive (08/25/15) Jane Marple sax blue sweater knit cross chest op w/ removable collar 08/25/15
Always a pleasure buying from this seller. Fast shipping, and quick with communication. Will continue buying from them :)
- arisuki (Buyer)
Positive (08/25/15) Jane Marple ivory/ cream wool coat with capelet 08/25/15
Always a pleasure buying from this seller. Fast shipping, and quick with communication. Will continue buying from them :)
- arisuki (Buyer)
Positive (08/25/15) Moi-Meme-Moitie MMM white/ ivory chiffon &amp; velvet thorn rose crucifix long jsk 08/25/15
Always a pleasure buying from this seller. Fast shipping, and quick with communication. Will continue buying from them :)
- arisuki (Buyer)
Positive (08/25/15) Jane Marple button back Wonderland jsk in dark mint green (rare older print) 08/25/15
Super quick shipping! Thanks for selling, it's actually my dream blouse.
- himemik0 (Buyer)
Positive (08/14/15) Jane Marple piratey curled collar white blouse 08/14/15
Thankyou for the free socks. :)
- janesurnamesmith (Buyer)
Positive (08/13/15) Jane Marple Matryoshka apron brown 08/13/15
Smooth transaction, dress came in perfect condition! Tag was also included without even me saying I wanted it, which was a lovely addition. Would buy from again!
- bittersweets (Buyer)
Positive (08/10/15) JetJ Juliette et Justine Sacrifice pour servir JSK (Non-velveteen) [L’Eclat de Croix] The Crucifixion dress black and grey 08/10/15
This seller is wonderful!!! I never hesitate to purchase from her when she is selling something I like because she is so kind, quick to invoice, and very quick to ship. Items always arrive carefully packaged and in the exact condition that is stated. A++++
- timeofthebee (Buyer)
Positive (07/31/15) ETC Emily Temple Cute Pansy Print OP empire waist pink 07/31/15
Perfect transaction!
- timeofthebee (Buyer)
Positive (07/31/15) Jane Marple navy wool jacket with faux fur 07/31/15
Fabulous seller!
- timeofthebee (Buyer)
Positive (07/31/15) Jane Marple Wonderland op in navy blue 07/31/15
Came fast and as described.
- maadsterling (Buyer)
Positive (07/21/15) Jane Marple burgundy/ wine satin op w/ choker 07/21/15
Thank you so much! Fast shipping and good communication!
- sailorenceladus (Buyer)
Positive (07/20/15) AATP Alice and the Pirates Tea Time Nostalgia Tights ivory 07/20/15
Fast and excellent communication! Sweet seller and shipping was very fast. Thank you so much, the skirt is perfect! :)
- saranghaex0 (Buyer)
Positive (07/12/15) Mary Magdalene High Waist Wrap Skirt Custard Pink floral roses 07/12/15
Such a sweet seller!!! Always fast to invoice and ship. Dress is in wonderful condition!
- timeofthebee (Buyer)
Positive (07/12/15) Jane Marple wrapping ribbon bow sax blue op 07/12/15
Great Seller! Replied and shipped super fast!
- nightnnn (Buyer)
Positive (07/09/15) AATP Alice and the Pirates Gloria ~Beautiful glassy saint Mary~ Round Shape Head Dress wine/ bordeaux 07/09/15
Wonderful seller!!! Nicely packaged, quick to invoice and ship, item in beautiful condition. Also, absolutely superb communication!
- timeofthebee (Buyer)
Positive (07/06/15) Shirley Temple Goldilocks and the Three Bears op 07/06/15
Fast shipping thanks~!
- rawhoney (Buyer)
Positive (07/06/15) AATP Alice and the Pirates Gloria ~Beautiful glassy saint Mary~ towel novelty 07/06/15
I can only say this seller has been absolutely amazing! Great communication, super kind and it has been a real pleasure dealing with her. Highly recommended :)
- carmidoll (Buyer)
Positive (07/06/15) Jane Marple Winnie the Pooh charm necklace 07/06/15
Thank you! Would buy from seller again.
- tinycircus (Buyer)
Positive (07/04/15) Jane Marple religious angel wings and crosses sheer knee socks 07/04/15
Arrived fast and in good condition!
- sirdaniel (Buyer)
Positive (06/30/15) Heart E pink empire waist sheer overskirt jsk 06/30/15
Quick payment and lovely to deal with, would sell to again!
- EmilyRose (Seller)
Positive (06/30/15) Shirley Temple Mother Goose OP 06/30/15
Very patient seller! Highly recommended
- th3pandachan (Buyer)
Positive (06/27/15) Jane Marple fairy tale mustard knit bolero 06/27/15
Great seller! Thanks!
- th3pandachan (Buyer)
Positive (06/27/15) Jane Marple liberty orange/ blue animal lover skirt 06/27/15
An excellent seller! Very quick to communicate and send invoice. I also got a tracking number which was definitely convenient. The dress was in perfect condition. I would enjoy buying from this seller again!
- MageBats (Buyer)
Positive (06/26/15) MMM Moi-Meme-Moitie long sleeve long op &amp; bag set 06/26/15
Dress was very pretty and just as described, would buy from this seller again!
- Joopis (Buyer)
Positive (06/23/15) Jane Marple lavender fruits &amp; floral jsk roses strawberries grapes 06/23/15
Gorgeous Jane Marple dress at a deeply discounted price! Lovely, fun detailing! The dress seems to tell it's own story within the unusual golden storybook figures. Seller was terrific to work with, provided discounts as well as information, very quick to respond to questions and to ship. She even generously included an extremely nice purse as an extra bonus gift! I highly recommend this five star seller, and hope I have the chance to buy from her again!
- jillleclear626 (Buyer)
Positive (06/20/15) Jane Marple Golden Goose print lace up jsk in sunset/ orange-pink 06/20/15
Good transaction
- midinette (Seller)
Positive (06/18/15) Long white JSK [MmM] 06/18/15
Great, easy-going seller. Definitely recommend!
- nicolekeane (Buyer)
Positive (06/17/15) Ahcahcum muchacha rabbit socks tea color 06/17/15
Great, easy-going seller. Definitely recommend!
- nicolekeane (Buyer)
Positive (06/17/15) Ahcahcum muchacha pink swan socks 06/17/15
Great seller!
- Tat_Tat (Buyer)
Positive (06/17/15) Emily Temple Cute sparkle knit tan bloomers 06/17/15
Perfect seller! She shipped extremely promptly and packaged the corset with care so that it wasn't damaged or bent during transit. It was a pleasure doing business!
- rabbit_king (Buyer)
Positive (06/16/15) Victorian Maiden Velveteen Wing Corset (2002) bordeaux/ wine cincher bustier 06/16/15
I like the sweet cake pattern on the sweater! can't wait to wear it : ) Fast shipment and nice packaged
- Tinakureha (Buyer)
Positive (06/15/15) Jane Marple very merry cake sweater shirt in mustard 06/15/15
Nice dress and lovely pattern! Fast shipment : ) thanks
- Tinakureha (Buyer)
Positive (06/15/15) Jane Marple tea cup tea pot lace wool jsk 06/15/15
Item was arrived in time and as described, thanks!
- Luckee (Buyer)
Positive (06/15/15) Emily Temple Cute Higuchi Yuko falling Alice cutsew op 06/15/15
Item was arrived in time and as described, thanks!
- Luckee (Buyer)
Positive (06/15/15) Victorian Maiden Beth Frog Prince OP 06/15/15
Good seller! Would buy again!
- euaru (Buyer)
Positive (06/12/15) Jane Marple green Winnie the Pooh teddy bear bag 06/12/15
Payment was prompt and communication friendly. Overall it was a very smooth and pleasant transaction. Thank you so much!
- cloudlace (Seller)
Positive (06/12/15) Black Peace Now Long Petticoat 06/12/15
Prompt shipping, item as described.
- enoby_w (Buyer)
Positive (06/12/15) Jane Marple tan striped ruffle blouse with adjustable collar 06/12/15
Prompt shipping, item as described.
- enoby_w (Buyer)
Positive (06/12/15) Jane Marple navy polka dots ascot blouse 06/12/15
Friendly and understanding seller
- kawaiidesu (Buyer)
Positive (06/11/15) Emily Temple Cute sparkle knit tan bloomers 06/11/15
Great seller - packaging was very nice and neat, very professional. Shipping was super quick. Would definitely do business with again.
- Maistress (Buyer)
Positive (06/11/15) AATP Alice and the Pirates St. Mephisto Cathedrale OP Headbow Set 06/11/15
Perfect seller, would absolutely buy from again
- DarkRomantica (Buyer)
Positive (06/10/15) Jane Marple Winnie the Pooh charm bracelet 06/10/15
Paid quickly and had nice communication :) Thank you
- Kiracatlover (Seller)
Positive (06/09/15) Alice and the Pirates Cogwheel of Time Mobile Case 06/09/15
Cute buyer, prompt payment! ★★★★★ Friendly communication^^ It was easy and pleasant transaction! Thanks!~~~
- AliceRingo (Seller)
Positive (06/08/15) AatP Gloria~Beautiful Glassy Saint Mary~ Print Tights 06/08/15
Gorgeous and in perfect condition. It came very well packaged. Seller was nice and very easy to communicate with.
- Lunatchel (Buyer)
Positive (06/05/15) AATP Alice and the Pirates white headband w/ chain 06/05/15
Cute! and perfectly as described! Super duper fast shipping, excellent communication! Also came with a super cute surprise gift!
- jewel_duckie (Buyer)
Positive (06/02/15) Milklim lavender unicorn cutsew/ cropped shirt 06/02/15
Perfect item, could not be happier. Came quickly and the seller was willing to ship this to me with the cheapest shipping options.
- maadsterling (Buyer)
Positive (05/29/15) Alice Auaa ivory scarf/ muffler with real feathers 05/29/15
Arrived quickly and just as described!
- porcelain_chaos (Buyer)
Positive (05/28/15) MAKE AN OFFER angelic pretty drink me otk socks white 05/28/15
great seller. fast delivery and lovely product, would definitely buy from again
- unicornpizza (Buyer)
Positive (05/26/15) Jane Marple DLS navy floral pleated shorts 05/26/15
Great communication, fast shipping, item exactly as described, thanks!
- insomniel (Buyer)
Positive (05/26/15) Alice and the Pirates AATP Steam Rabbit Flying Cap hat in black 05/26/15
A great seller.
- Zenta7 (Buyer)
Positive (05/19/15) MILK chipmunk/ squirrel woodlands op 05/19/15
Payment was prompt and communication friendly. Overall, it was a very smooth transaction. Thank you so much!
- cloudlace (Seller)
Positive (05/19/15) NEW Tea Time Nostalgia Tights 05/19/15
A+ seller: great communication, quick shipping and packaged well. The dress is in beautiful condition and exactly as described!!!
- timeofthebee (Buyer)
Positive (05/18/15) Emily Temple Cute white eyelet floral trim op 05/18/15
Buyer quickly responded to my messages and item was shipped out quickly! Everything was great!! Thank you!
- phxiong (Buyer)
Positive (05/16/15) AATP Alice and the Pirates hymn OP black 05/16/15
The items arrived today much earlier than expected, i´m very happy. Very well packaged. Also thank you for the gift!
- Anna.H (Buyer)
Positive (05/15/15) Emily Temple Cute kinari knit shorts with bloomers 05/15/15
Received as described, thanks!
- angeljubilee (Buyer)
Positive (05/13/15) Ahcahcum muchacha cat tights 05/13/15
Thank you again. This buyer was very easy to deal with. Would love to sell to again. :-)
- enfleur (Seller)
Positive (05/12/15) Jane Marple Dans Le Salon - Arabesque OP 05/12/15
Thank you for your prompt payment. I hope you enjoy the items!
- enfleur (Seller)
Positive (05/12/15) Jane Marple Dans Le Salon - Liberty Pleats Skirt 05/12/15
I'm so happy!! I love this skirt so much, it matches so much in my wardrobe, and I love that it's a casual piece.
- Gentlefaun (Buyer)
Positive (05/12/15) Emily Temple Cute lulu woodland animals skirt deer fawn squirrels rabbits hedgehogs birds butterflies mushrooms flowers 05/12/15
Item looks even better in person. Great communication and seller threw in a gift as well.
- pottergirl26 (Buyer)
Positive (05/12/15) Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington mini top hat 05/12/15
Great condition and very sweet seller. Would buy again!
- arisuki (Buyer)
Positive (05/08/15) Victorian maiden beth madras check collared blouse 05/08/15
Very satisfied with this purchase. Prompt invoicer and shipping only took a few days::) I would recommend this seller highly. Thank you!
- GossamerMoon (Buyer)
Positive (05/07/15) Moss Marchen Secret Garden lace collar w/ black bows &amp; heart keys 05/07/15
Item was in great condition, seller was polite. Would do business again!
- arisuki (Buyer)
Positive (05/04/15) Jane Marple sheer red chiffon blouse 05/04/15
Item arrived exactly as discribed. Great seller with fast shipping
- blacklace81 (Buyer)
Positive (05/02/15) Alice and the Pirates AATP white flower heart headband katyusha 05/02/15
Item arrived exactly as discribed. Great seller with fast shipping
- blacklace81 (Buyer)
Positive (05/02/15) Jane Marple Fantasia rabbit mushroom acorn necklace 05/02/15
Arrived fast! Seller was timely and communicated well. Thank you!
- rottenrosen (Buyer)
Positive (05/02/15) Alice and the Pirates AATP black/ white rose thorn otk socks 05/02/15
Perfect seller! Super sweet, understanding, and great communication. Thank you so much!!
- sweetjp (Buyer)
Positive (05/01/15) RESERVED for sweetjp BPN long collar strappy blouse 05/01/15
Perfect seller, tights arrived super quickly and are in immaculate condition. Also very happy with the little gift she send! 100% recommended
- DarkRomantica (Buyer)
Positive (05/01/15) Swimmer teddy bear printed tights 05/01/15
Payment was fast! Communication was active and quick!
- joyeuxcherie (Seller)
Positive (04/30/15) Gloria ~Beautiful glassy saint Mary~Agnes Skirt 04/30/15
Thank you!
- brittanykayy (Buyer)
Positive (04/30/15) Alice and the Pirates AATP pirate pattern jsk and headbow set 04/30/15
Arrived quickly and in great condition!
- Ehri (Buyer)
Positive (04/29/15) Cat printed tights 04/29/15
great seller!
- sayukiyuki (Buyer)
Positive (04/28/15) innocent world black bear pochette bag 04/28/15
cute dress!
- Violet (Buyer)
Positive (04/27/15) emily temple cute forest house red riding hood pink jsk 04/27/15
Wonderful, no problems at all, and thanks for the little extra gift it's actually adorable! :)
- Plicka (Buyer)
Positive (04/23/15) Alice Auaa ivory gauze crystal button stand-up collar blouse 04/23/15
Arrived fast and as described. Would recommend seller.
- Ariemea (Buyer)
Positive (04/22/15) handmade Alice in Wonderland silhouette pendant 04/22/15
Great buyer, very prompt and communicative!
- vysanthe (Seller)
Positive (04/21/15) AatP Rose Jail Babydoll JSK Brown 04/21/15
perfect buyer, no problems at all :D
- Koumori (Seller)
Positive (04/17/15) Novelty towel alice and the pirates gloria 04/17/15
Exactly as described in the listing. Great seller
- Affogato (Buyer)
Positive (04/17/15) Jane Marple shrunken navy cardigan 04/17/15
Arrived on time and exactly as described. Would buy from again
- maadsterling (Buyer)
Positive (04/16/15) MAKE AN OFFER Jane Marple cotton music sweater vest 04/16/15
Excellent seller! The dress was as described; it was shipped quickly and with the cutest ever letter and small things. Thank you so very much!!
- agewa (Buyer)
Positive (03/23/15) Emily Temple Cute bear and sweets cutsew op 03/23/15
Seller was lovely, responded quickly and arrived just as described.
- Alyssiumbaby (Buyer)
Positive (01/23/15) Jane Marple scottie dog bag 01/23/15
Good seller! Fast shipment! Hope can trade with you again!
- dannyleungyp (Buyer)
Positive (12/15/14) Emily Temple Cute snub toe Ballerina shoes S 22.5 12/15/14
Thank you
- dollybrie (Seller)
Positive (12/04/14) Angelic Pretty Drink me otk white 12/04/14
Fast payment, thank you!
- spikenmolly (Seller)
Positive (11/18/14) JM DLS Silver Flowers tunic dress 11/18/14