🌟 Black Friday is happening at Lace Market! πŸ˜

🌟 🌟 It's happening again this year!! 🌟 πŸŒŸ 
 Lace Market will be holding its annual Black Friday event starting at 
6:00AM PST (9:00AM EST), Black Friday, November 24th, 2017

How to Participate (For Buyers)

It's simple-- starting from today until Black Friday, listings on Black Friday sale will have a little grey ribbon and will be featured on the front page.  

The catch? The sale prices are hidden until Black Friday, so be sure to watchlist them and check back on Nov 24 6:00AM PST (9:00AM EST) when they're revealed to grab them up at a sale price!

How to Participate (For Sellers)
There is a new button in your sales page to create a special Black Friday discount for your listings.  

This discount will be hidden until Black Friday and your listing will have a special banner until then.
All of your Black Friday listings will be featured in a special Black Friday section on the front page!

On Nov. 24th at 6:00AM PST (9:00AM EST), the discount will be revealed and the sale will begin! 

Happy shopping and good luck!

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