Baby, the stars shine bright strawberry Kuma Kumya

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All-new,one Strawberry Kuma Kumya

I will provide photos of each item with ID to prove that this item is mine, not someone else's。

※ Please read the terms of sale carefully before purchase!

※ Please read all instructions carefully!

※ We are not responsible for custom fees and loss.

※The actual freight of DHL sent by China will exceed 2000 ~ 2500jpy, and I usually bear the excess.

About status: All-new. This is the new style Kuma Kumya this year. This is one Strawberry Kuma Kumya.

(When they were in the reservation period, we reserved much from BBTS in Japan. Now this product has been produced gradually, so we will continue to sell them. Due to different shop production-end-time is different,please confirm the quantity with us before purchase. Please note that we may change the price at any time due to the fluctuation of the exchange rate.)

About address: Please be sure to provide me with complete receiving information after purchase, including telephone number and country.

About transportation: they will be shipped from Japan by EMS. This can take more than a week, and the postage is usually a little expensive.

About delivery time: We will deliver the goods for you 3-7 days after receiving your payment.

About address: Please be sure to provide me with complete receiving information after purchase, including telephone number and country.

Due to the website, I cannot choose HKD as the payment currency. However, I will choose Hong Kong dollar to initiate the payment bill of paypal

About communication: If you have any other questions, please contact me and I will reply as soon as possible. We will be online from 9:00 to 17:00Beijing timeevery day, and will be online from time to time at other times. Although busy, we will try my best to reply as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your waiting.

Thank you for reading.

Shipping to Other: ¥2,300
Shipping outside Other: ¥2,300
Condition: New With Tag
Brand: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Style: Sweet
Colors: Reds, Yellows
Sizing Notes: Plus Size Friendly, Tall Lolita Friendly, Long Length, Short Length, Petite
Category: Bags and Purses
Due to the shipment from Japan or China, the postage is usually a little expensive Please be sure to ask the question before purchasing,Please make sure to keep the video of opening EMS express box so that problems can be solved easily Please provide the complete address of the country and your contact number after payment. Goods cannot be returned after delivery We are not responsible for the loss of customs duties caused by the customs


sunny_rnot 11 days ago
This is the last time for me to explain this matter. When I made an appointment for strawberry kuma, I was told that it was difficult to buy them, so I ordered 4 kuma from 5 agents respectively, a total of 20 kuma. So I need to sell my extra 16 kuma. It may be a little expensive because of the high fees paypal charges for Chinese accounts, but my price is similar to that of other sellers on this site. I hope you can understand
lepetiteflaneur 11 days ago
I don't know much/anything about the scalping claims but I think you're not allowed to charge the buyer for your PayPal fees on this site. It's in the Lace Market terms of service I believe. Lots of people sell things for more than original retail price any many of us buy for higher than retail if we really want something but you're not supposed to be purposefully calculating the cost of PayPal fees into your price.
sunny_rnot 11 days ago
I have referred to the market price of lace market, and even my price is cheaper than some American users. By contrast, some of my used items are sold at a lower price, but I don't want to lose money on the brand new ones. I'm just trying to explain why I might sometimes charge a little too much, which is not my intention.
lepetiteflaneur 11 days ago
I see; thanks for the explanation. I didn't notice any used items on your profile; they all seem to be listed as brand new. I try to charge close to what I paid for things and many times less (some of which I purchased from places that are not LM) And I typically keep a lower bidding start than Buy It Now price so people have a chance to buy it cheaper. Your prices are not unreasonable; that wasn't what I was saying. I just wanted to warn you that you should probably remove the PayPal fees from your explanation because it is against the site rules and people seem to already be very bothered by the fact that you are selling 20 of the same item and would likely be looking for more reason to try to get your listings removed. I have no malicious intent and was trying to be helpful. Sorry you feel the need to lash out when I was attempting to give you a helpful suggestion. Anyways, good luck selling ♡
sunny_rnot 11 days ago
Ok, I see. Thank you for your perception. I just want to explain that my price can only receive the original price when I bought it, not profit from selling. I'm just a kuma fan, so when I book, I buy it from multiple agencies to make sure I can get it. Since I am a new user, I was afraid of encountering problems at the beginning, so I would sell more brand new items to get positive feedback. I will add more second-hand goods in the future, thank you
sunny_rnot 11 days ago
Just like the kuma backpack you sold, he only cost 13824JPY at the original price, but I can't say that you are wrong to sell 24695JPY. I think if a user buys your backpack from me, I will only sell it for 18000JPY. But I have no spare, so I won't sell it. Whether or not I add a fee to the selling price, my price should be cheap
lepetiteflaneur 11 days ago
And I didn't buy from the brand directly so I also paid a higher price for my items. I bought one kumya bag for over $250 via ebay even though it was not originally worth that much. The issue is not the price but again that your listing admits to violating rules and since based on these comments some people don't like that you are selling so many items they may find any reason or way that rules are being broken to use to try to prevent your item sale. I have no interest in buying your items so the pricing you use is irrelevant to me, I just wanted to help you have a chance to sell your items and get good feedback to clear your name by pointing out that you should probably remove that statement to keep yourself out of trouble.
usagimon 11 days ago
@lepetiteflaneur you're wrong. You are absolutely allowed to calculate paypal fees into your price. You can calculate whatever you want into your price. You are not allowed to charge paypal fees in addition to listing fee, since it's like a "hidden fee". It's not cool to spread mis-information gurl.
lepetiteflaneur 11 days ago
I see; I misunderstood the rule then, sorry for the confusion! I was just intending to try and help them because I genuinely thought that was the case and a lot of commenters seem to really be angry at them and I would hate for them to have not gotten the chance to show they could be a legitimate seller because of a violation. Thank you for explaining the way that rule works ♡
princessannabelle 12 days ago
Can you post a photo with all 20 kumyas? I don’t know how I feel about the scalping claims personally but I think this would help clear up the scammer claims at least.
akssa 12 days ago
sunny_rnot 12 days ago
I will provide as many photos of Kuma as possible to prove that I am not a liar
sunny_rnot 12 days ago
Because I bought from 5 agents, I couldn't provide 20 photos together. But I can provide 4 photos together, maybe in a few hours.
akssa 12 days ago
It's weird, if you truly own 20 of them, no matter where did you get them you still have them yourself.
sunny_rnot 11 days ago
I went to the agency to get them all back home and took pictures, please understand that I only wanted to sell my extra strawberry kuma
yonhana 12 days ago
I think this seller is just trying to figure out how the Western market works. They're trying to expand their clientele outward of Asia, I'm sure. Wunderwelt is a business that is on Lace Market, so we can't claim that business is unacceptable here.
usagimon 12 days ago
I agree with this. I think you guys are being a little rude/unreasonable. The other scammer on LM does not provide any proof pictures with name and are VERY reluctant to do any sort of communication. I do not personally know if this seller is trustworthy, but I do not think it's right to actively try to ruin their sales.
sunny_rnot 12 days ago
Thank you for your understanding. I didn't want to destroy the market here. It's just that PayPal is very expensive for Chinese users. I'm willing to provide photos with ID for every product sold, so that you can trust me as a new user
akssa 12 days ago
Interesting, why did you delete all listings with that comments if the items are belong to you?
sunny_rnot 12 days ago
Because I want to modify my page to explain the reason and put it on the shelves again, if you have any questions, I can provide my own purchase record. To prove that I did buy 20 strawberries kuma
friday 12 days ago
so you admit you bought 20 kumyas to scalp? Lace Market is for lolitas to sell to each other, it's not a marketplace for someone to buy all the kumya stock and SCALP
sunny_rnot 12 days ago
Because it is very difficult to book, in order to ensure that I can buy Kuma strawberries, I ordered 4 Kuma strawberries from 5 agents respectively.I will only sell 16 strawberry Kuma, if you don't believe I can provide my proof of purchase.
sweetbunbun 12 days ago
Hey this is their sales not yours. Everyone on here scalps $275 dresses and sells them for $500-$1k
friday 12 days ago
All of the postings she had up were using the same proof photo. I wouldn't defend this seller too hard. And then she got asked for proof and she deleted the listings. She's not just a scalper shes a scammer and there have been waaaaay too many of those on here lately
sunny_rnot 12 days ago
I'll re shoot every item I sell with an ID to prove that I'm not a liar. It's not to delete it, it's just to put it on the shelf after modification
usagimon 12 days ago
Also I've personally dealt with no-feedback scammers, and this seller seems very cooperative and willing to provide proof with username. I'd say give them a break. With Paypal buyer protection it's not like you're really putting yourself at risk.
usagimon 12 days ago
I'm not sure if you know or not but you can put in as many orders as you like for BABY lottery reservations (as long as you can pay for all of them), so it's not unlikely to get multiple.
sunny_rnot 12 days ago
Because I live in China, I buy Kuma through agents, not directly from baby。 in order to ensure that I can buy Kuma strawberries, I ordered 4 Kuma strawberries from 5 agents respectively.
usagimon 12 days ago
Yes, I understand. I was trying to explain to the other person. Good luck selling

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